Friday Cheese: Don’t Believe The Hype


The talk is all around us. Hype is that disease that keeps on spreading until one day you watch that player – we’ll call him Talk Of The Town, TOTT for short – play on the field and he’s a complete, disastrous disappointment.

TOTT gets mentioned in every conversation, especially when the subject includes “recruiting.” Right? TOTT is going D1 baby! Everyone knows that! And no one cares to wonder if it’s official. Shoot, TOTT’s parents were probably the ones who called the local paper anyway. Gotta watch out for their prodigal son, he loves his lax gear so we know he must be good!

But seriously, it does happen way too much. HYPE, my friends, BLOWS. Because even if there is the slightest truth about TOTT’s talents, he’s still going to be a let down in the end. Success rarely comes for those held to the highest of expectations!

Case in point: This week a staff member had the opportunity to watch a prototypical TOTT play in a summer league game. TOTT played out of position because naturally TOTT can do whatever TOTT wants. He’s the man. However, rather than playing a man’s game, TOTT decided to be childish and headhunt an old man twice his age after said old man got the best of TOTT. And c’mon, we all know real players with real potential don’t mess around looking to headhunt a 45 year old grandmasters player in a summer league game that means absolutely nothing. They play their game. They try to prove themselves with every living moment. Because all that hype is meaningless and worthless if they don’t make it out of their town and onto ESPNU.

This is the type of TOTT who won’t ever leave his town. Was he really worth all that hype?


In Tents Playoffs



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  1. That In Tents video reminds me of a couple things:
    -how much I love hockey as I sit in balls-stuck-to-leg-heat in NOLA
    -I really want to play some box lacrosse as I love the no hand switching behind-the-back style
    -I hate RIT
    -Why do they wear hockey helmets and huge goalie pads? Can't get enough puck in the winter?