From The Sidelines: Chapman Lacrosse


Chapman Huddle

It’s not everyday you get exclusive coverage from a player’s perspective, but that’s exactly what we got thanks to our friend Connor Martin over at Chapman University AKA Chaptown. For those who don’t know much about Chapman, they were the MCLA National Runners-up in 2007 and 2008 and are widely known as an elite West Coast squad.

On November 21st, the Chapman Panthers faced off against UC Santa Barbara at the first ever LXM PRO event (see our interview with LXM founders for more info). In what was essentially a glorified fall ball game, the Panthers ousted UCSB 19-8. Martin is generally regarded as one of the best attackmen in the MCLA and finished the game with 8 goals, 4 of which were in the first quarter.

The following is raw footage from a player’s perspective. Thanks to the Chapman Men’s Lacrosse team for letting us in for a sneak peek at what makes their program so special.


No question about it, these guys like to have fun.

Chaptown Tank2
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  1. I’ve strung a few sticks with a patter similar to this, it’s kind of a twistless pita.  It’s nice because the ball settles into a sweet spot in the middle as it breaks in, but after awhile ball can start popping through the pocket if the diamonds are big enough.  This one looks like it should be OK.    

    I string my shooters the same way, under the crosslace, I just think it looks nicer.