Game Photos: Ferrum vs. Shenandoah

Ferrum vs Shenandoah Lacrosse

Kim Black took in the Ferrum Vs. Shenandoah Men’s NCAA Division III Lacrosse game on March 17, 2012, and she sent over some awesome photos from the game as well as a short write up on what she saw and learned:

Ferrum vs Shenandoah Lacrosse

The game was played at Ferrum College in Ferrum, Va.  The final score was Ferrum over Shenandoah, 17 – 6 .  Ferrum is only in it’s second season of varsity lacrosse as a program, and with it’s current coaching staff of Head Coach Mark Frey and Assistant Coach Adam Sear, they have high expectations for the future. 

According to Shenandoah’s head coach, Coach Mike Kruger, their coaching staff is in it’s first year and they have brought a culture change to the program.  With that change they have lost some players, so their numbers are a little down.  The players they do have in the program are working hard and embracing the change.  They have a great recruiting class coming in next year and should be a very competitive DIII program in a short amount of time.

The LAS family has known Australian Adam Sear for over 10 years now and we can certainly vouch for his excellence!  From our conversations with Adam, it’s clear he’s really excited to be working with Coach Frey and that Ferrum is a program on the rise.  It’s also good to see Shenandoah make a change.  I know a couple of guys who played there, and they’re going to be excited when the program turns around.

Does Shenandoah still have a lot of work to do?  You bet!  They lost the shot battle 65-16 and also lost on GBs and face offs.  But sometimes with change comes adversity, and it’s great to see Shenandoah embrace that.  Ferrum looking up in year two!

All photos by Kim Black –