Gear Review: Revenant Head by Under Armour

Under Armour Revenant

Company: Under Armour / Product: Revenant HeadPrice: $74.99 The onslaught of Under Armour lacrosse gear reviews continue! We’ve already tested out the gloves, now on to one of the new UA heads. I picked the Under Armour Revenant up from our friends over at Lacrosse Panda so I could see how’d it fare through my strenuous “lab testing”… I put it through several tests to check it’s durability and stiffness, and most importantly, I used it to play hit the wall, shoot and #PLAYLAX!

Appearance… +8

Off to a good start, 8 is a good score here. I only give 10’s away to heads that “wow” me, and that means it better be dyed! The Revenant head has a nice tight face to it that helps to channel the pocket once you string it up. It also helps a bit with ball control. The sidewall kind of looks like an upside down version of the Maverik Vision sidewall, in my opinion. And the scoop has a sharper angle to it that might allow you to be a little lazy on bending over for those gb’s. Initially, the overall feel and look of the head reminds me of a Proton or a Torque.


Stringing… +10.0

Stringing holes seems to become a bigger deal each year as people try new techniques for stringing their sticks. The Revenant definitely offers a plethora of options for the stringer. One big plus it features is the size of the top sidewall holes – they are smaller than the rest. Lately it seems as though some heads force you to tie bigger and bigger knots on the top sidewall holes so your string doesn’t slip through. While only a minor inconvenience, it is nice to see someone is making things a little easier for us laxers.

Stringing Holes
Tons of options

Under Armour is also trying out a new technology of sorts with all their new heads. It is called the “Mesh Lock” attachment system. This is said to “allow for easy installation of mesh into the head”. Basically, the “Mesh Lock” attachment system is four clips that are grooved to fit into the slots along the top wall of the head. If you fold the top of your mesh with the 2nd diamond over the 4th, it fits well, but I noticed it gets a little snug when you go with the 1st over the 3rd. I can definitely see some benefits to this, primarily with the ease of stringing, but also if your top laces burn out from scooping up a lot of gb’s, this could save you some sidewall string.

Mesh Lock Attachment System
Interesting concept!

Stiffness/Flexibility… +5.0

As it reminded me of the Proton and Torque in appearance, it does also in flexibility. I always test the sticks out by hand, flexing them back and forth. This one bent over itself like I told it a funny joke. Although it did bend back to its normal shape, it wasn’t without a little warping. I’ll talk more about this in the next section, as it applies more to the durability of the stick. After a few bends, the sidewall along the throat also started to show signs of the flexing, leaving the sidewalls more pinched in the middle than before. I do enjoy a flexible stick, it is more forgiving if you are involved in a lot of scrums and face-offs, but I don’t want it to inhibit my ability to play because it can’t keep it’s true shape. That said, the Revenant weighs in at just 4.5 ounces. What it lacks in stiffness it makes up for in its lightweight.

Durability… +5.0

I’m starting to see what the Maryland players must have also seen in using the stick. It starts out like any other stick and seems to hold its own, but after a while I started to notice some things. The pliability of the stick seems to be leaving its mark, it is slowly forming creases showing signs of warping. I’ve also noticed the throat of the stick and the plastic around the connection to the shaft might lead to some issues down the road. Sometimes the plastic breaks if it is too brittle or not reinforced enough. While the throat on the Revenant looks pretty sweet with the Under Armour logo, there isn’t much plastic to hold the shaft firmly in its place and the head starts to wiggle a little.

Under Armour Emblem
Cool design, just not sure how durable it will be.

Value… +7.5

At only $75, the Revenant is at the right price point for any beginner or intermediate player looking for an extra edge. Under Armour’s other two heads come in at around $90 and $100 each. This is definitely a great head for up-and-coming laxers looking for a decent head that won’t break the bank!

Overall Score: 7/10

There are certainly some positives to this head, don’t get me wrong. It has a ton of stringing options – even a unique way to string up along the scoop. It weighs in at a feathery 4.5 ounces, making the Revenant one of the lightest heads on the market. It provides great channel for ball control. On the contrary though, if you are playing at a higher level (i.e. Maryland) you will probably begin to notice some of the weaknesses in the head. For any youth-level laxer looking for a more flexible head that won’t weigh them down, I’d recommend the Revenant for sure.

The Revenant is ready for its close-up!
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