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In Case You Missed It: Weekly Lacrosse Recap!

Each week we recap all the content from across the, add in some outstanding lax-heavy content from across the internet, and then throw it all into one post so you can be sure to get your weekly lacrosse fix!

There’s a ton of new, info and opinion out there each week, and it’s easy to miss something.  Now there are no excuses!  We even break it down into a couple broad categories for you…

Bear LAS Beanie Slouch hat dog
Don't even try to fight it...

Connor will be in New Orleans all weekend, so be on the lookout for his Live Blog from the Mardi Gras Tourney.  Wonder if anyone will run a Dirty Hidden Ball Trick down there this weekend?  Can you do the hidden ball trick on College Lacrosse 2012 the video game?  Guess we’ll have to wait to May to find out.  We all have a “want” list, but few are as long, or as ridiculous, as Paul Woody’s list.  Inter LEAGUE game really GTGs!

Also, lacrosse players say stuff.

College Lacrosse:

Scrimmage action from D1 Robert Morris.  Montana GrizLax make a SICK time lapse video.  Trend?  College Lacrosse Weekend Preview: D1 through MCLA. What did we learn from the SELC D1 this week?  There is ALSO D2!

High Point goalie makes a sick save in practice.  Yes, we’re talking about practice.  More practice?  You know it!  Brown University kicks of practice, and shows off their new Easton Lacrosse Helmets in all brown!

Michigan scrimmages Denison, and we get killer photos.  Brown University‘s Alex Jones drops the first Brown State Blog on us, and it’s AWESOME.  Ohio State has a lacrosse commercial.

What happened last weekend?  Connor fills you in.  Unless you want Chaptown – UNLV highlights.  PBAU rolls over FIU for big first win.  Last week’s GotW.

For all you MCLA fans out there… Boise, Idaho is the place to be this weekend. Also, don’t miss Clemson‘s lacrosse blog.

LSU Women’s Lacrosse Gets Going Again!  Great news. Way to go, ladies!  Davenport is also making moves as they prep for the jump to MCLA D1 from D2.  And Colorado adds D1 Women’s Lacrosse!  Huzzah!

Lacrosse Equipment – Newest 2012 Stuff:

How could Matte Black Cascade Helmets NOT be the BEST of 2012?  IU loved their visit from Cascade.  It’s proof.

St. Cloud gets new uniforms. Oregon Ducks get new uniforms. Washington Huskies got swaged outAmerican Revolution now has 4,358,927 glove mock ups.  More.  More.  Metro State gets Riots.  One person owns ALL of this.  Drew gets white stuff.  Team USA Kryptolyte Review!

Most Read Posts of January had a good deal of gear links. MSU gear.  Thailand gets a new sponsor.  Oakley?  Wow.  Krieg Shaw reviews the new Under Armour Lacrosse Gloves. IU Boathouses.  TLA also getting the VOLT treatment?  Hmmm….  Speaking of Thailand, wow check out this freaking sweet auction right here.

The full majesty of the LAS Practice Pack was revealed.  SO DOPE.  WANT THE HOODIE.  Biased?  Yes.  Correct?  Also yes.  Nike Vapor Talon now in Talon Packs.  No idea what this means, but my feet want them.

High School Lacrosse:

The Adanacs out of Coquitlam, BC can ball.  Period.  Lots of goals. Lots of dangle.  Great Photo of the Week from a HS game.  Ouch. gives a pretty good Florida HS lax rundown.  Worth checking out.


The ArtOfLax talks to Lacrosse Talk Radio!  Need new gear for the season?  Then check out Lacrosse Panda, as they have free shipping all February!

John Galloway talks wall ball 365, Coaching at Duke and much more with Rosie!  Lacrosslo.  Lacrosse in Oslo.   hailand Quick Chat with national team player Dane Phonsai Sengaloun-Homsab.

K18 gets interviewed by Ryan Powell.  Yes, seriously.  The Super Bowl was great and everything, but lacrosse should NOT try to be football.  Youtube moments.  Huguely trial begins in Virginia.

This is just an AWESOME PhotoVandal Shots!

On a sad note, we end with the news surrounding the death of Tyler Kopp, a 12 year old 7th grader from the Rochester area.  Tyler died shortly after being hit in the chest with a lacrosse ball. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his entire family, all of his friends, and everyone at the Twelve Corners Middle School, where he was a student. If you play lacrosse this weekend, play for him.