Gotham Lacrosse Update: Weeks 3,4 & 5


The Gotham Lacrosse League is going strong in NYC. Southampton Brewery LC had a bye during week 3 and I missed week 4 to take my sick cat to the vet. He’s only 3, plays fetch and when he sleeps on the couch, he likes to hug a lacrosse stick so I’m literally doing whatever I can to save him, including skipping lacrosse.

I am willing to bet the league hasn’t really noticed my absence but I’ll still be headed back on July 13th to get back at it. After 5 nights of games there are two teams, MIAC and, that are 3-0. Team Maxim is also undefeated at 2-0. In week 4, Southampton took on and if you don’t bring a full roster against TIU, you’re going to lose. Like us, these guys play together in a couple NYC leagues almost year round and this time we didn’t bring a lot of guys.  So we lost.

We’re now sitting at 1-2 and need to start putting together some Ws. Credit Suisse, Gold Prop and Sea of Green are 2-1 and Bear/Bank of America is 2-2, one of only 2 teams to have played 4 games. The other is Morgan Stanley at the bottom of the heap at 0-4. Citi is at 0-3 and along with Southampton, Team Maverik, Adeona Foundation and Barclay’s are all at 1-2 fighting to get into the top half.

2 Credit Suisse players in Colin Finnerty (Week 1) and Keith Schroeder (Week 3) have been named Player of the Week. Zach Howell, playing with us on Southampton was PotW in Week 2. Matt Hull added his name to the list with a 5g 2a effort in Week 4 and the award was split between two Sea of Green players in Week 5 as Scott Lee notched a hat trick and Pete Ruggiero went deuces (that means 2 and 2, btw. duh).

The top scorers list is littered with recognizable names from the past and present alike. Two of the top 4 scorers are Princeton guys as Chris Massey sits at number 3 and current attackman, Forrest Sonenfeldt sits right behind him. Other notable names include Max Pomper, Zach Howell and Colin Finnerty.

On Tuesday we take on the Adeona Foundation and it should be a good game. A lot of Ivy Leaguers on the Adeona team but primarily Princeton grads and they’re a good group of guys, a lot of whom volunteer for Citylax and will be out at the Citylax Charity Lacrosse Shootout in late August. The tourney is a one day event that takes place out in Southampton, LI so naturally we’ll be there again to play some lax and do some good. Pretty awesome when you can do that!

In the meantime I’ll be playing with the Woozles out in Tahoe, laxing it up at Gotham and hopefully I’ll be able to play in the ULax Liberty Cup in 2 weeks here in NYC. Summer is still looking pretty laxy.

And speaking of Summer lax… the Maverik Elite team took home the 2010 Vail Championship in their first year out at that tourney.  With Shamel Bratton, Steven Keough, Sean Lindsay, Casey Powell, John Galloway, John Gagliardi anchoring the team, Maverik rolled over pretty much everyone.  And they looked good doing so!

Casey Powell leads the sun visor revolution for Maverik Elite

Jovan Miller is Not. Afraid. to rock Pink.
...and a littel more Casey Powell, just because.

About the Author: Connor is a life-long lacrosse player who doesn’t know when to give up on the game. He played and coached at Wesleyan University and now plays for the Southampton LC in NYC. Connor lives with his fiance in Brooklyn and thanks her for allowing him to keep the dream alive.

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