Great Lacrosse Video Is GREAT!

greg_rogowski_merrimack2 lax lacrosse
Greg Rogowski takes the ball to the hopper for "Mack in 2009.

There is SUCH a big difference between great lacrosse videos and awful lax videos.  You don’t always realize it when you’re watching a great one, because the video is not distracting you from itself.  On the flip side, I always realize when I’m watching a bad video attempt because I start skipping forward like a mad man.

Merrimack College is an NCAA Division 2 school out of Easton, Massachusetts and they have a legit highlight tape.  They’ve had some really great players come through their program in the past like Neal Anderson, Jamie Stefanini, Dave Eaton, Cory Spinale and recently, Greg Rogowski.

Rogowski takes the ball to the hopper for 'Mack in 2009.

Merrimack won their Conference, the NE-10, last year but didn’t make the NCAA D2 Tournament.  Division 2 has a unique system for deciding playoff teams, where conference championships can be meaningless.  That being said, they did beat LeMoyne in their conference championship game (after getting blown out by LeMoyne in the regular season) and LeMoyne ended up losing in the National Championship game to CW Post.  ‘Mack did make the NCAAs in 2009, where they lost in the Semis. All that’s to say, Merrimack is a very good lacrosse team.

They start the video off slow, run through some practice footage and then they hit you with the good stuff! Merrimack was OK when I was in college 7 years ago but now they’re a real contender… and they even have home and away helmets… and neither of them is all white!  Merrimack will be revamped in 2011, but that doesn’t mean they won’t compete. If you want more info on ‘Mack, check out Jac Coyne’s article on them for Lacrosse Magazine.

See what a highlight video WIN looks like here:

2010 Merrimack College Lacrosse Highlight Reel from Max Collins on Vimeo.


  1. Of all the highlight vids I have seen recently this is definitely my favorite. Big difference in the tightness of the video and how they timed up shots hitting the net (or a big hit) with the music. Someone spent some time putting it together and it’s deserving of “Highlight Video of the Year 2010” in my opinion.