Hey Thailand Lacrosse, Here We Come!

lacrosse bags packed for trip
Got my bags packed!

We’re headed to Thailand!

lacrosse bags packed for trip
Got my bags packed!

Some of the LAS crew has arrived, while others are just leaving now.  We’re playing a big game on June 4th in a 25,000 person stadium, and before that we’ll be doing some clinics, helping out with practices and seeing some sights!

This is going to be the experience of a lifetime and we’ll keep updating you with photos, videos and posts as we get them up! Expect a weird week of posting here on LAS… we’re on the other side of the planet! Grow The Game!

The best comment on ANY of our Thailand posts from this week will win a BRAND NEW Thailand Lacrosse Shaft from 1Lacrosse.  These shafts retail for over $150, so as usual, we’re hooking you up with sweet, sweet gear!  You know how we do!

thailand 1lacrosse shaft
you want this!
And the trip begins in earnest!

Welcome to the next 14 hours of my life.  Got a bulkhead seat plus a little extra leg room! Much needed. Also I have a baby next to me.

Oh no...

So stay tuned, comment your pants off and maybe next time we head around the world for some lax, you can come with us!


UPDATE: Meanwhile in Bangkok…

Dave Ogle arrived safely... (Nice T-Shirt)

Brunelle too!

Welcome to Bangkok JPB!!

Dan Helfrich‘s moment of zen…

He'll be here in a few hours...

Keep checking back for more interesting photos and posts when the rest of the crew arrives!


  1. “Hey everybody, here’s some fun facts. The population of Thailand is 63 million people. It is twice the size of Wyoming. It’s chief exports are textiles, footwear and rice. Each year, approximately 13,00 people are killed in car accidents in Thailand…”

  2. “Hey everybody here are some fun facts. The population of thailand is 63 million people . It is twice the size of wyoming.None of you know stew like i do! I can’t even tell you because we made a pact. What i can tell you is this,this is not stews first marriage…there was a whore in las vegas a couple of years ago…” – the hangover

  3. Spoiler alert:  By the time this contest wraps up every line of The Hangover Two script will be posted above in an attempt to win an LAS Thai shaft. 

    In order to avoid spoiling the surprise, pleas refrain from reading any further….. and don’t watch the original Hangover.