Hot Pot: Create Your Own Training Day


“Create your own Training Day.”

That statement could probably be taken a couple of different ways. So what do I really mean here? Am I talking about designing a day of fancy workouts? Or talking your Summer plan over with a personal trainer? Or looking up new ways to work out online? No, no, and no.

Photo Credit: Tommy Gilligan

I am talking about finding your Denzel Washington, and figuring out how he got so crazy and dedicated, and then using that to your own advantage. In the movie, Training Day, which I am obviously referencing, a young police officer played by Ethan Hawke gets teamed up with a successful veteran police officer played by Denzel. The day starts out normally, and then it gets crazier and crazier, until Hawke eventually steps up to the plate and learns how to make some decisions of his own, and be a real police officer.

And this is what you need to do early this Summer, except with lacrosse. You need to find your Denzel, and understand his level of crazy dedication, so that you too can elevate your game to the next level.

Imagine if Hawke had just hung and worked with other young cops. He may have been the best, or one of the best, but he still wouldn’t come close to sniffing Denzel’s candle. Hawke would have just rolled along in his own little world, thinking he was ready for anything, when he wasn’t. It’s kind of like a high school lacrosse player who is going to play in college next year, but is still training solely with other high school players.

If that kid only works out with other soon-to-be-freshman, he’ll remain on his current path and level, improving slowly. But if that same kid finds a Denzel-like current college player, and they train together, the high school player is more likely to make bigger gains, even if it’s only for a day or two. He would be pushing himself harder, and against tougher competition. He would be working out with a guy who has seen the next level. He would benefit from that experience and perspective.

So if you’re fresh out of the academy, find an Ethan Hawke to work out with this Summer. If you’re an Ethan Hawke already, find your Denzel Washington. If you’re Denzel already? Well, don’t get cocky because Hawke is coming for you! Maybe reach out to James Bond? Same goes for Hawke and the rookie. Never be satisfied, and look for the next tough competitor.

The point is to find someone who is at a higher level than you are, and create your own Training Day. Challenge yourself, see how the next elite level works and lives, and raise your game. Take pride in being a small fish in a big pond again, and you might just accomplish more than you thought possible.