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Hot Pot: Government Shutdown Impacts College Lacrosse

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The vast majority of Americans, whether they support the Republicans or Democrats, did not want to see the US Government shutdown, and for good reason. Almost a million employees have been put on furlough or will be paid at a later date, federal parks have shut down, and passport delays are imminent. On a less national scale, the US Service Academies are suspending athletics on campus, and this obviously impacts lacrosse in a major way.

Air Force has cancelled their participation in the Play for Parkinson’s event this weekend, but will continue to practice:

Now, when I say that the US Service Academies are suspending athletics on campus, it’s clear from Air Force’s tweet that teams can still practice. But games? Well, that is a different story.


Navy has already cancelled a soccer game against Howard, and if the shutdown remains, they will cancel their football game against Air Force this weekend. It is unclear is the missed games will be made up in the future, as so much is up in the air right now.

Army cancelled its women’s soccer game against Colgate, and its men’s soccer game against LIU Brooklyn. Rescheduled gams are possible, and scenarios are being worked out in case the shutdown ends shortly. There has been no update on Army’s upcoming football game with Boston College.

It is currently unknown if either Army or Navy will be unable to play in their scheduled fall ball events. It all depends on the government shutdown ending quickly.

We currently have a call in with the United States Coast Guard Academy as well, to check on that D3 school’s athletic program status. Someone did answer the phone at the USCGA athletics department, and we should have more information on their situation soon.

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  • I don’t buy it. Doesn’t conference revenue, TV network revenue, alumni funding & gate revenue from football & basketball make up the bulk of their athletic department’s funding, just like every other D1 sports program? I’d be very surprised if tax dollars/congressional funding appropriations fund even a small portion of service academy athletics.

  • If the government shutdown cancelled the NFL for just a weekend, the push back would be so strong they would end the shutdown. The service academy athletics, not so much.

  • Another bad effect on lacrosse from the shutdown…ROTC players aren’t getting their scholarships, which could mean they can’t play lacrosse.

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