Hot Pot Of Lax: Issuing The August Challenge

Can YOU spare a lacrosse stick?

The Summer has flown by so far, and a return to school and the non-Summer grind is just around the corner, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to sit back and take it easy! So this August, we want you to try something different… and accept the Hot Pot’s AUGUST CHALLENGE!

The August Challenge is something soothing, and it’s good for the soul and the sport overall… and of course, it has everything to do with Growing The Game!

After a full Summer of lacrosse tournaments and games, I’m willing to be you have amassed at least a little new gear. Maybe it’s a new helmet or a new pair of gloves. Maybe it’s a new head or a new shaft. Maybe you just picked up a new pair of shorts or a pinnie, and maybe you got it all! Whatever the case may be, you probably got something, and instead of throwing the new (or old) gear in the closet, we recommend you GIVE IT AWAY, and make this the best August of some other kid’s life!

Can YOU spare a lacrosse stick?

Do you remember the first time you got a stick, or a great pair of shorts, out of the blue? Do you remember how great it felt to have someone else just hand you some lacrosse gear, simply because they wanted you to try the game, and feel the joy they felt? Well, now it’s your turn to be that guy, and we hope you take us up on the challenge!

I remember a lot of the gear people have given me over the years. I remember meeting Casey Powell at a gym in Massachusetts 10 years ago, and then him finding me two weeks later with a free pair of gloves and a head. I remember Jim Navoni giving me my first lacrosse helmet. I remember my friend, Mike Allain, giving me a gold shaft after I broke one of mine in high school. I remember Coach Raba handing me a longstick at Wesleyan so that I could try out for LSM.

These are just a few of the guys I remember, and will always remember, for their willingness to give. They are some of the guys who helped me love the game, and the community, and now you have the chance to do the exact same thing for someone else.

Go into your closet, or your basement, or your garage. Find as much old or new equipment as you can. And then share the game with the next generation of players, and make some kid’s August 2012 the time they remember, simply by giving the gift of lacrosse.

Want to Grow The Game? Share this post with as many people as you can and see what happens. If EVERY lacrosse player does this just once, we could double our participation rate in only 30 days and expose a whole new group of people to the game. The Lacrosse Community has WORK to do this August!



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LXM ATS in Seattle?

Don’t mind if we do! LAS will be there… will you?


  1. LET’s GOOOOOO!!!!!!!  Spread the word too, post a little something on Facebook, Twitter, etc. and let everyone know.  It’s not about putting yourself in the spotlight, it’s about a call to arms of sorts.  You know how many kids out there can’t afford to replace a head, or shaft, or pair of elbow pads.  #GTG