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Hot Pot Of Lax: T-Shirt #2, THIS IS REAL

Lacrosse Lax Tank Top

T-Shirt #1 Revisions

After hearing your feedback, I thought I’d give #1 another shot or two. See below!

Color Change

box lacrosse t-shirt

Alternate Design

box lacrosse t-shirt_____________________________________________________________________________________

And now, T-Shirt #2


Thoughts? Feedback? Would you wear it?

The color combos are endless.



– Chips and Tigers | 412 Lax

– Stringing 102: Triangle Top String | Sweet Sweet Lax

– Frequent Flyer Miles: Lone Star Alliance | MCLA FAN

– The two lives of Mr. C |

– Hawkeye Laxer Featured in Lacrosse Magazine | Central Iowa Lax

– Syracuse Lacrosse 2011: And So It Begins | Troy Nunes

– Oregon’s uniforms were off the charts. Cam Newton’s post-game interview was also off the charts for other reasons. All in all, yesterday was a wonderful day to be an Oregon Duck.

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Jeff Brunelle is the founder and CEO of Lacrosse All Stars. A west coast native and product of the MCLA, Jeff moved back East after college and truly fell in love with the game. He now spends every waking moment building and Red Label Sports from our headquarters in Boise, Idaho.

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