Hot Pot Of Lax: The Cheapest Shot

lacrosse_slash vicious slashing

The Hot Pot has seen some doozies in our day, but this might just be the biggest and most egregious cheap shot we’ve seen in forever. Both guys are aggressive and get into a little bit after the whistle, but man, this escalates REALLY quickly.

Yeah, we can’t really believe that either. And is it just us, or does the stick swinging player look like he’s about to rip off his own helmet as well near the end? Maybe he’s a hockey guy!




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Boston Box Lacrosse? Don’t mind if we do. Don’t mind one bit.

Who’s playing box this Winter?


  1. In cases like this where the act is is so far out, so egregious, I feel that assault charges should be brought to bear.
    The player on the receiving end could have been seriously, seriously injured, even paralyzed by a chop to the neck like that, and not really sure how he was not. This has no place in any sport and the fact that it occurred in the arena of sport should not insulate this behavior from prosecution.

  2. Not certain, but this appears to be a men’s league game/tourney, which means this guy has likely exhibited this behavior before and is a great example to be made of.  

    This guy is why, starting at the youngest of youth lacrosse (or any youth sport) everyone involved must be diligent in working to discourage this behavior.  Coaches, parents, players and fans alike have to both preach and exhibit class and sportsmanship at all times.  We also have to take every opportunity to stem even the slightest outbursts of rage.  I am not talking about the kind of anger that, when channeled properly can be beneficial, but the kind of rage that left unchecked turns into violent outbursts like this one.  There is absolutely no place in any society for this kind of behavior.And plisanti, you are correct, this kind of action is certainly deserving of prosecution.  I don’t understand how people think that because they are on a field playing a game they are exempt from laws that govern civilized people.  I hope this guy is incredibly embarrassed.

  3. I’ve been playing a number of sports pretty much my entire life and that is by far the most atrocious act I have ever seen (not only in my 25+ years, but I bet it would be hard to find much worse on all of YouTube).  I have seen plenty of tempers lost and fights broken out, but this type of violence goes beyond getting lost in the heat of the game.  I don’t like to pass judgement, but the guy in this video clearly has issues and no sense of control, and I’m not just talking about on the lacrosse field.  He needs to hang up his cleats and see a psychiatrist, seriously. I have had to rewatch the clip a few times just to confirm that it actually happened.  Sickening.