Hot Pot: The Power Of Two


One man can accomplish a good deal on his own. With hard work and dedication, almost anything is possible, but it rarely comes easy. A team, or large group can accomplish much more, but that’s not always an option… Sometimes it’s just you and a friend.

Let’s talk about The Power Of Two!

A training partner and friend might just be the best resource any aspiring athlete (or person) can have. Not only can you do training drills that a single person can’t do alone (see the drill above as an example), but you have someone to push you, and their presence can help you work harder. Two people can share knowledge, and coach each other. Two people can set goals, and push each to perform. Two people can compete, and help each other succeed.

I always trained hard in college, but I must say that when I had a partner in crime, I would train harder, and get more out of it. I wanted my teammates to be hard on themselves, and this motivated me to be harder on myself, and lead by example. I learned a lot from my teammates, and I like to think some of them improved as well when they worked out with.

I still remember Summers spent back in Weston, Massachusetts where my friends and I would get out and play lacrosse in small groups. Some of the best times I had were also the moments where I learned the most. The Summer after my Junior year, I shot with a long pole more, but I really got better when I did some shooting with my friend Mike Allain, who was playing LSM for Hofstra. The next year my goal total went from 1 to 4. Training with someone else paid off, and I got better.

So this Fall, if you’re struggling to find games, or a team to play on, just find a friend, and get to work! You’ll be surprised by how much better you get if you both want it, and work together.