Updated: Ice Box: How To Build A Box Helmet


So far, the Ice Box has just showcased clothing and other goods I thought were cool or interesting.  Well it’s evolving and I’d like to make it a little more… you know… useful.  This week I’m going to do my best to show you where to pick up the parts you’ll need and how to put together a real life box lacrosse helmet.

I don’t know of a website where you can buy a fully assembled box helmet, although I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a small operation out there which does just that.  So you’re going to have to buy some components and put them together.  Worth it.  Box lids are super.  Good vision, comfortable and cooler than the flip side of the pillow.

There are a couple of places you can buy box facemasks.  I got mine from Proboss Lacrosse up in Canada.  They have a bunch of different OTNY masks and yes, they have chrome.  I know you were worried.  I went with the classic black but part of me wants that silver shine.  Gold would be best.  The box world will get there… someday.

STX OTNY Box lacrosse face mask
Traditional box mask in black by STX OTNY

The next time I buy a box mask I will actually most likely buy one of the Gait Box Lacrosse Face Masks.  I like the single bar above the eye slot and long, thin profile of the mask.  Looks like you still get good protection without ever catching your mask on your shoulder pads.

gait box mask lacrosse
The Gait box lacrosse mask looks straight up professional.

On my currnent box lid set up I’m using a Nike 9500 Hockey Helmet.  It’s nice and light and pretty comfortable.  Getting the mask on the helmet is a huge pain in rear but it doesn’t help that I didn’t have enough proper hardware.  Make sure you have the hardware.  You can buy that kind of stuff at HockeyMonkey.com.  They have it all.  Worth stocking up on that stuff.


nike box lacrosse hockey 9500 helmet
Imagine Black and yellow. Mind: Blown.

Now back to the helmets.  The Nike lid is pretty solid and I just liked the two-tone look of the helmet.  That, and the covered ears holes were the deciding factors for me.  Playing outdoors in the winter?  Done deal.

The NLL guys obviously use Reebok helmets (since they sponsor the NLL) and they look awesome.  I would also buy one of these Reebok 8k Hockey Helmets next time I care to build a new box lid just to try it out.  I would imagine the helmet is extremely comfortable and I’ve heard nothing but good stuff about them so far.  Sweet pro box lax.


Reebok NLL box lacrosse hockey helmet
Sweet pro boxla lid. Want it.

Screw that box mask down to the forehead area with two clips and then find a way to attach the mask the side of the helmet and make sure the middle bar runs straight down the middle of the helmet.  Put the helmet on first and see how it sits in your head.  Then determine where you want the eye slot to be positioned.  Plan the rest of the facemask attachment around this.  I like to use the clips on the side of the helmet as well and really secure it on there.  Some guys let their masks float a little bit but the box game is tough and that’s just crazy.

Updated: The biggest difference between a box lid and a field helmet is the facemask sits much closer to your eyes with a box helmet.  There is no visor so sun can be an issue if you use it outdoors, but the box lid is light and comfortable (depending on your hockey helmet of choice, of course).  The back of one’s neck may be a little more exposed with a hockey/boxla helmet but I honestly couldn’t tell you which one is “safer” or even how to define that in the first place.

Don’t forget to check out SweetSweetLax.com for more gear lacrosse players love!


    • better vision on a box helmet but if you’re playing in the sun, watch out because the visor on a regular helmet helps people more than they know.
      A box lid is light, but the lacrosse helmet definitely provides better protection overall. Hockey helmet don’t go down as far as lax helmets do so the back of the head/neck is a little more exposed.
      Hockey helmets are usually more adjustable and if you have a HUGE head, a puck lid may be better than a CPX or somethng like that, which won’t fit right. then you have to take padding out and then you’re royally effed.
      It’s not SO much about the difference in quality… for a lot of guys it just comes down to preference.

    • I had no problem when I ordered mine from Proboss, other then how expensive shipping was. I know that Sportstop has/had the Gait mask on their website, but I’m not a fan of those. I like the STX OTNY mask, plus I got the chrome mask and the Gait mask isn’t exactly chrome.

  1. The Mohawk International Lacrosse also sells box masks. Call the New York number they are right on the border— shipping is cheaper than LaxShack. I can tell you from personal experience that in a box lid a hard slash to the top of the head will ring the bell a bit more than a field helmet. Remember hockey helmets are mostly meant to protect the head from the ice or walls not as much chops to the melon.


    • what I did was I took the plastic clip off one end of the chin strap. I then wrapped the chin strap around the rubber ear ring and taped it to itself using hockey tape. this side stays permanently attached, the other side clips on and off.
      To make sure the chin cup ended up in the right place, I put on the helmet and put the chin cup on my chin, then pulled the chin strap to the right tightness. Hope that heklps!