Interview: Rob Pannell Signs 5 Year Deal With Brine


Rob Pannell has signed a five year deal with Brine, and this lengthy contract should help keep Rob going in lacrosse full-time for the foreseeable future. We spoke with Rob about the deal, what it means to him, and why he chose to go with Brine.

Why sign with Brine? What was it about that brand that was so attractive? No doubt you had quite a few offers on the table…

When meeting with the Brine Lacrosse team, they had a clear vision of where they wanted to go, and how they wanted me to be a part of that process. The slogan “every victory earned” really hit home with me, as I have always worked just as hard in practice and in the weight room as I did on gameday. My first stick ever was actually from Brine, so it is incredible that I am now a member of the Brine Team Elite.

A lot of guys in the MLL work another job, outside of lacrosse. Are you planning to make lacrosse a full-time gig? How does this sponsorship deal fit into that plan?

I am planning to make lacrosse a full-time gig, and having Brine behind me is a big part of that. Brine is going to provide me with the resources necessary to make it happen. I just recently started my own company, RP3 Lacrosse, which I will run various camps and clinics all over the country. I also have a great friend and mentor in Max Seibald, who has his Maximum Lacrosse, and we will work on many things together.

I am also planning on playing in the NLL along with the MLL.

You’re going to play in the NLL? We LOVE it. We’ll have you back on to discuss that more!

So how long does this initial deal last (# of years?)? Is it a pure sponsorship deal? Or will you be working for Brine in other capacities as well? Will there be a RP3 line of gear or apparel any time soon?

Brine and I have agreed to a 5 year deal, and we will be working hand in hand developing products and working (to borrow your phrase) to grow the game. Part of that will be working on an RP3 line of gear, which I am extremely excited to get started on.

Where are you going to live? Does this deal give you the freedom to choose where in the country you want to reside?

This deal does give me freedom to choose where I want to live, however I am going to stay in New York, and will be moving to New York CIty very soon.

What do you hope to accomplish in this game? How does this deal fit in to that plan?

My favorite part of playing the game is interacting with the kids, and through this, I’ll be doing the best that I can to grow the game of lacrosse for all of us. Brine has the same thing in mind and they are going to help put me out there as much as possible in order to make this happen.

Where can the sport of lacrosse go during your time in the MLL? What is your biggest hope for the sport?

Predicting where the sport of lacrosse can go during my time in the MLL is a tough question to answer accurately, but with the growth of the sport all over the country, I think the sky is the limit. However, it is going to take time. In order for a league to be successful, the teams need a following, and once teams are set in cities, where they can stay for a while, then that will begin to happen more.

It is going to take time and commitment from both the organizations, players, and fans. My biggest hope is that one day the MLL passes college lacrosse in popularity, and that fans become loyal to the MLL teams like they do with their college teams. This will be a big step in the process.

Here is a little more info from the Brine press release:

Brine is proud to announce rookie phenom Rob Pannell as thenewest member of Brine Team Elite. Pannell needs no introduction to the fans of lacrosse. He is the leading scorer in men’s Division I history, holding both Cornell’s and the Ivy League’s all-time scoring records. Rob is a three-time All-American, twotime USILA Jack Turnbull Award winner and 2013 Tewaaraton Trophy winner.

“Simply put, Rob Pannell is the perfect embodiment of what Brine lacrosse stands for,” noted Mike Rabinovitz, Marketing Manager at Brine. “He’s an absolute student of the game, dedicating every waking hour to not only perfecting his skills, but helping his teammates succeed as well.”

Since joining the MLL this summer, Pannell has already racked up 36 points and was named to the 2013 All-Star team.

“I couldn’t be more excited to be joining the Brine family,” Pannell said. “They have such a deep history in the game, and to be able to play as a member of Brine Team Elite is a huge honor for me.”