Is USC Building A Lacrosse Field?

USC drawing lacrosse field master plan
Top right corner. Definitely a lax field.

USC is proposing to redevelop a large section of land already owned by the University, which they say is currently under-utlilized.  USC would like to build new student housing there as well as corresponding mixed-use development projects including multi-story parking garages.  The idea behind the development plan is that it would allow more students to live closer to campus, thereby reducing traffic in the area.  It will also open up more housing options away from campus for non-student residents of the area.

While we appreciate a good urban master planning effort, the traffic reduction and housing unit distribution isn’t what caught our eyes, or the eyes of Sean McKeon, who sent the links over to us.

What caught our eyes is that it looks like USC has placed a field on top of one of the parking garages in The Village… and it’s not just any field.  It’s DEFINITELY a lacrosse field.  You can see the creases and restraining lines.  No doubt there.

USC drawing lacrosse field master plan
Top right corner. Definitely a lax field.

Now we know better than to think that what we see in the drawing will certainly come to pass, as development plans, especially larger ones like the USC project, often change a hundred times before completion.  It’s possible that the field is just a representation of “a” field, and not a lacrosse field.  Maybe the architect went to a lax school?  Who knows.  I looked through the development plan and found no mention of a lacrosse field as a requirement or covenant of project completion.  So this is far from guaranteed.  In fact, adding a lacrosse field might have never been discussed, and is just there by chance.

Of course, USC is adding a women’s team in 2012… so don’t sleep on the Trojans!  Maybe the field is for them.  Maybe not?

So while we can’t say for certain that ANYTHING is going to change at USC, it is pretty cool to see a lacrosse field in their development plan and just think… What if?

LA needs a D1 college lax team for Snoop's kids to play on.


    • I’d love to play D1 lacrosse games in a tight, intimate atmosphere!!!  We played our home games surrounded on two sides by concrete art buildings, a fence in front of woods at one end and a side for fans.  having dorms and building surround a lax field?  that could make it the best small event on campus!  All of this is pure wish and conjecture though.
      Who knows what that field will be used for, or even if it will be there when/if the project is done.  But it’s fun to talk about!

  1. They don’t let their MCLA team practice on campus, and last season the men’s team got hit with some pretty massive penalties for canceling games against league powerhouses, including when they canceled on Santa Barbara only hours before what was supposed to be SB’s parent’s night. U of M they are not. I’d rather see a well-established, supported, driven program be the first to jump, unless USC is willing to build an NCAA team completely from scratch.

      • I think it would definitely have to be a from scratch operation.  Schools like BYU and Colorado State may be able to follow the Michigan model, but in my opinion, UMich is the exception, not the rule.  You’ll see more cases like Marquette where the existence of an MCLA team has little to do with school’s decision.

        That being said, I DO think that MCLA teams can help make the push by running respectable programs and shedding a good light on the school and sport.  I would think a school would be more likely to add a sport if there were a tradition of success and interest on campus already, but I don’t know that it always goes down like that.

        • I agree.  Even worse, I think that most of these schools will act as if the MCLA never existed and had no part in the creation of the varsity squad. 
          Case in point: One of my fellow coaches at Valley HS played at Augustana. The Vikings just moved to NCAA D3 after 16 years of MCLA ball.  My buddy and his former teammates were psyched to play the annual alumni game against the varsity guys.  Unfortunately they were told that not only would there be no game, but varsity players were forbidden from playing with or against the alumni in manner.  The way he explained it, the AD and/or coaches told the MCLA alumni to go f*** themselves, in so many words.
          I see the same thing at USC.