Johns Hopkins Alumni Game Video


Did you miss this video of the recent Johns Hopkins alumni game? If you did, it would be a shame, if we didn’t have it here for you to take in! But we do, so don’t fret.

Within 26 seconds, you realize that Hopkins has a video scoreboard, and that is gets used for alumni games. That’s ridiculous and amazing. If you got it, flaunt it, right? At the 1:15 mark, they rub it in and show the big screen again. If I only had eligibility left… and really good grades… and I were a much better player… I’d go to Hop!

At the 1:20 mark, you see why Mike Pellegrino is a junior captain. Hustle and IQ: he’s got ’em both. Also, I think Drew Kennedy is going to be a legit face off weapon for Hop this year. Wells Stanwick stands out as on another level. He’s going to be a treat to watch this year, even more so than last year. I think he had 57 assists in this game. Not 5 or 7. 57.

3:20 mark – I want a jump shot like that. Just one. Ever.

I don’t know what the heck happened at the 4:35 mark, but someone’s stick goes flying. Really fast.

Were you shocked by the score? I wasn’t shocked that young Hop scored as much as they did, but I thought old Hop would have thrown a couple more goals in. Of course I didn’t think Mike Pellegrino was going to have scored 5 or 6 points either. It’s an alumni game. It’s fall ball. It’s relatively meaningless, but it sure is fun!

But man, those young guys just did not stop shooting!