Game Week: Johns Hopkins Documentary

UNC vs. Hopkins. Photo courtesy of
UNC vs. Hopkins

Michael Donegar, an ex-Johns Hopkins All-American, is getting into the video direction game big time.  We’ve got a quick 3 minute video called, Game Week: Johns Hopkins, that shows “the Hop” getting ready for their big game against Syracuse back in 2010.  With guys like Donegar, Jay Jalbert and BHSVideoDad making more and more lax videos, we’re going to see an exponential improvement in quality.  These three guys are leading the way (Jalbert works with Maverik Lacrosse primarily and BHSVideoDad works with Oregon Men’s Lax) but I would expect some other young video buffs to make big names for themselves this Spring.

Lacrosse is a unique sport to shoot (for video), as you need to be in tight to see all the 1-on-1 action, but also need to pan out to catch the whole scene of action.  The ball moves very quickly and stick fakes can get even the best videographers moving in the wrong direction.  Mix in some black and white shots for drama, add in a nice voice over and some inspiring music and you’ve got a video.  Take it to the next level and you’ve got a Johns Hopkins Lacrosse documentary.  Good stuff!  Thanks to Chris Drouin for sending this over!!

Click to watch: GameWeek: Johns Hopkins-Trailer

Game Week John Hopkins Trailer


  1. Instead of dreaming about going to Hopkins you should be smart and have bigger aspirations like Tom Palasek and bolt for the ‘Cuse. After loosing 10-7 under the lights I would make the smart move north too. I don’t think Tom will be wearing any more blue ties (like the one he sports in the video) only if blue accents the dominating color of Orange!

  2. Documentary looks first class, looking forward to seeing the rest of it.

    When you say Donegar, BHSVidDad and Jalbert are the three main guys leading the way, I definitely think you’re leaving someone off that list: JLProductions3 on youtube. Behind a few of the lax companies, he is probably the biggest lax name on youtube. He’s got a pretty nicee documentary of a d-2 team from down in florida on there too.

  3. This is a great video. I enjoyed every frame. i look forward to seeing more, although I can guess how much effort it took to put this together. Kudos to Mike Donegar and his team. Josh Lane of JLProductions is doing great work as well. His “Road to Respect” video on Youtube is a favorite of my. bhsvideodad