Kyle Devitte: Slapdown Delivered?


Kyle Devitte always brings down the hammer in his articles whether they’re on IL, the Boston Cannons Blog or any other number of online/print sources.  At first glance, I was certain he just liked to fan the flames, creating controversy where there was none but as I kept reading his stuff I noticed something peculiar in this modern day of sports “journalism”: consistency.

When I read his recent article on IL covering the US-Harvard match… Match? contest? It wasn’t really a scrimmage…  Game. Let’s just call it a lacrosse game…  There wasn’t a lot of biting criticism.  Sure, Kyle Devitte had something to say about the attack, Chazz Woodson and the promotion of the game, but only a crappy writer tells a story of butterflies and pink ponies in every post.  At the same time he managed to make some constructive criticisms and provided much deeper insight into what was really going on.

Judging from the article, it was clear Kyle Devitte actually enjoyed the game.  And this is where that consistent honesty comes in to play nicely because you can really feel it in his coverage.  When he covers the MLL he doesn’t effuse nearly the same level of genuine passion (but I really think that says more about how the MLL is run).

What makes it all even better is that when people spout off in the comments section, he returns to continue the dialogue right there and for the most part, he’s very civil.  A tip of the LAS steampunk tophat to Mr. Devitte.  For such an awesome article, we will repent for our portrayal last week of Kyle Devitte on the ground with a more flattering shot of every beat up offensive player’s dream: payback.  Keep up the good work, the honest writing and maybe someday you’ll even learn how to shoot overhand.

The ArtofLax says KDevitte can rip the feathers off a duck.