LacrosseRecruits: NCAA Contact Rules


LacrosseRecruits: NCAA Contact Rules

(Editor’s note: The following was written by Chris Meade, CEO of We’ll be highlighting LacrosseRecruits on occasion, as LAS is a huge supporter of their mission to help you excel.)
Lots of players and parents ask about the NCAA lacrosse recruiting regulations that prohibit coaches from calling and emailing players. The following is a quick summary from a Division 1 coach’s point of view:

If you are a current junior or younger please note that the NCAA prohibits us from calling you back until after July 1 prior to the start of your senior year. However, feel free to keep calling/emailing us (text messaging is prohibited), as there is no limit on your contacts, initiated by you to us via email or phone. We are not allowed to call or email back unfortunately. Keep trying, we look forward to hearing from you. Be relentless!

Division 1 coaches are not allowed to send recruiting information by mail or email to players before September 1stDivision 1 coaches are not allowed to send recruiting information by mail or email to players before September 1st of their junior year and can not call until July 1st before their senior year. Typically, if you are on the recruiting radar of a school you will start to receive letters in the first days on the September and telephone calls in the first days of July. Schools are allowed to send you questionnaires and camp information though before September 1.

As the message from the coach above mentions, you want to be proactive getting your recruiting information in front of coaches by calling them and emailing them. As a sophomore, you want to make sure that you let a coach know that you are interested in their program and include your camp/tournament schedule for the upcoming summer. Including your video and profile gives them the “bait” to make sure they take the time to see you play over the summer.

Hope everyone had a great weekend holiday. If you have any questions, feel free to email me directly at

Also, if anyone can tell me which coach tells you to “Be Relentless,” I will hook them up with Reebok lacrosse gear.

Chris Meade is CEO & Co-Founder of, a premier online recruiting service that eliminates the inefficiencies of the current recruiting process and provides a professional recruiting tool for players and the coaches that are recruiting them. 

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