Last Chance to Help in 2009!


New Year’s Eve is tomorrow.  Plenty of parties to go to, babies to kiss, beverages to consume and friends to surround yourself with.  But in this season of celebration, we should all remember to help those who are less fortunate and I would like to remind you of one such opportunity.

2009 has not been a kind year to almost every non-profit out there but many are still chugging along doing their best.  One such non-profit is Citylax in New York City.  Citylax runs over 40 FREE clinics in NYC for Middle and High School boys and girls, trains coaches, provides equipment and field space, organizes the Mayor’s Cup, mentors and tutors students and helps kids with their college choices.  Obviously, they are a great organization and they are run by an ex-NESCAC lacrosse player, Mat Levine.  Mat’s son, Max, is now a senior on the Hopkins lacrosse team and plays longstick.

Mat Levine speaks to the players at a charity tournament in Southampton, NY. There I am in the red shorts with other Southampton LC members.

I volunteer for the free clinics in the City and try to help with fundraising and equipment drives as much as possible and I believe in this program 100%.  If you want to get involved, go to and click on the volunteers section.  If you want to send a little monetary assistance, which would be much appreciated, you can find the link right here.

Happy New Year to all and to all, a laxy 2010!