LIVE Hangout: European Box Lacrosse

box lacrosse dive shot save
Do a little dance, make a little save, get down tonight!

At 2pm Eastern (US) Standard Time, head on over to the LAS YouTube channel for a European Box Lacrosse hangout with Simon Krause of Limegreen Lacrosse, Sean Gibson of the European Lacrosse Federation, Jamie Plunkett of the Deutschland Adler Lacrosse Club, and hopefully Artjom Merjasch, a German national team hopeful!

It should be an extremely interesting conversation, and there is sure to be plenty of GTG conversation, and some arguing. All in good fun, and in the name of spreading knowledge. You can get involved by leaving us questions in the comments section!


  1. In Cincinnati, OH we were able to use fundraising over a few years to be able to build plastic barriers on the grounds of a public park. Sure it’s outdoor and on grass, but it still feels like a true box field and didn’t take a lot to bring it to life.

  2. How do you guys see the future in relation to European players making their way to North America to play in the pro leagues, or do you see box growing large enough in Europe for players to gain a little bit of a celebrity status and/or at least a little bit of a paycheck?