LIVE Hangout: Recruiting And Travel Teams


Today, at NOON ET, LaxAllStars will be hosting a LIVE Google Hangout on the subject of Recruiting, Elite Teams, and Travel Lacrosse! Our knowledgeable guests will include Trevor Tierney (of Tier Lacrosse), Xander Ritz (of Adrenaline Lacrosse), and Lee Southren (the founder of the NJ Riot).

We will cover a broad range of subjects, but it will all revolve around the current recruitment of high school players, and how travel/elite lacrosse teams can both help and hurt, these prospective players. We’ll talk about what’s right, and what needs to change. It promises to be extremely interesting!

Check out the LAS YouTube page at Noon TODAY for an open and informative discussion on the current state of recruiting and elite travel teams!