Lou Holtz US Lacrosse Preview


Legendary coach Lou Holtz will be the headline speaker at next month’s US Lacrosse National Convention.  Can’t make it?  Here’s a preview of what you might miss.

Seriously, this guy could get me to run through a wall.  Hopefully he’ll give another demonstration on how to break the space-time continuum.

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  1. ya I thought this was going to be about how lucky lax fans are to get Lou Holtz. Lou Holtz sucks and is a total attention whore that has proven to know very little in breaking down a game from an announcer's position

    • I don't think they're bringing him to the convention to talk about breaking down a football game. The guy compiled a career NCAA Division 1 coaching record of 249-132-7. He was 13-8-1 in bowl games. He never took over a winning program, but always turned it around.

      From a motivational standpoint, I don't know that it gets any better than Holtz.

    • I don’t know if any of yall like to read, but Lou Holtz's auto-biography is probably the most fascinating auto-biography I have ever read. I recommend that book to anyone who is involved in athletics, particularly coaching. His view points and knowledge are priceless. If I may say, Coach Gaudet I think you would particularly enjoy it, I draw similarities between your coaching styles.

      Lou Holtz as “Max Pro” suggested might not be the best announcer, but he knows people, how people act and how people react. Which is a major part of all coaching and sports, I don't think his convention is going to be about “breaking down a game from an announcer's position”, so he probably a wise decision for a speaker.