Monday Night Memories: Brian Gets Crushed


Welcome back to Monday Night Memories! Last week, Randy Fraser detailed an insane box lacrosse brawl that he saw up close and personal. This week, Brian Cost joins LAS to detail how he got CRUSHED back in 2004, and how it was so very well worth it!

The above video is from a BIG West Genesee vs West Islip game played at Hofstra University on June 5, 2004, for the New York State Class A Championship. West Genesee won the game 12-6, and my teammate Alex Bily scored four goals.

When I got hit, it was after I scored my second goal of the game. There was no flag on the play, but as Quint Kessenich always says, “you have to take that next step to greatness”. That is exactly what I did, and I paid for it! After the hit, I went off the field and quickly came back on, and finished the game with 3 more goals, making it 5 on the day.

The best part of the video is when three of my teamates all walk up, look at me on the ground, and then walk away. Thanks guys!

What Brian fails to mention (the humble guy that he is) is that while Alex Bily has 4 goals, Brian had 5, AND was named MVP of the game. Cost is currently an assistant coach at Saint Andrew’s School in Boca Raton, FL, under Head Coach RJ Dawson. Cost has started a travel program from u9-u19 called South Florida Swordfish (