NJ Riot Interviews: Wesley Moshier


As we follow the New Jersey Riot 2016 team, and update you on their first hand experiences at camps, tournaments, and other events in the club lacrosse scene, we will also introduce you to some of their players via interviews. We want to know how potential college players think nowadays, and there is no better way to get informed than by talking to the players of today!

First up is NJ Riot 2016 Goalie, Wesley Moshier. Wes also plays for Millburn High School in New Jersey.

What made you want to play lacrosse outside of school? Why play for the Riot?

What made me want to play lacrosse outside of school was the urge to become the best player I could, meet new kids and better players, and to play kids and teams from all over the country. What made me want to play for Riot was that it was different from all other clubs. Riot is not a business and so you don’t feel like another customer.

You are part of a team that is like a family and I really like that.

What recruiting camps are you going to this Summer? Why did you choose those camps?

Lars Tiffany 300 (Brown University), Fab Frosh, and National 175. After being contacted by Kip Turner, Brown assistant coach and former UVA goalie, I researched Lars Tiffany 300 and not only feel it would be excellent competition, but now I am also interested in Brown University. I had heard that Fab Frosh was an excellent one day recruiting camp, and National 175 because it is known as one of the top recruiting camps in the country, so the competition should be excellent. In addition, I visited the campus of RPI last summer, location of Nat. 175, and the athletic complex seems like a great place to play.

What off field commitments do you make for Lacrosse? Outside of practice, games?

My brother, an attackman, is constantly shooting on me in our backyard and I’m always working on my stick skills and my passing. On most days, I also stay after practice to face shots from my team and coaches.

What do you think your strongest Lacrosse trait is right now?

Right now I think my stronger Lacrosse trait is either my lacrosse IQ or my stick skills. My clearing is also pretty good.

Which area of your game do you want to work on most?

An area of my game that can always get better is my communication on the field.

What type of charity or giving back to Lacrosse do you do?

I always donate my old lacrosse equipment and work with the youth program in helping kids get started in the sport.

What kind of Stick do you use? Do you string your own sticks? If not, who does?

I always use a Warrior Nemesis with either an STX Scandium Pro or Gait Ice. I string all my sticks with hard traditional goalie mesh and a big pocket.


Have you always played your current position?

I haven’t… in third grade my team needed a goalie and so my dad suggested I try it and although goalie has been my main position, up until last year I split goalie and attack with my town team and played half defense one summer after a few injuries with my club team.

What Colleges are you interested in?

I just started looking at colleges that have good engineering programs. (i.e. Lehigh, RPI, RIT, etc)

Who is your biggest Lacrosse influence?

My biggest lacrosse influence is probably my friends, always having them push me to be better.

How about your biggest off field influence?

My parents.

Who is your favorite Pro Athlete and why?

My favorite Pro Athlete used to be Kerry Rhodes before he left the Jets because he was an exciting, hard-hitting football player on my favorite team. My favorite lacrosse pro is probably Brett Queener because I love how aggressive he is on the field, especially when clearing.

How often do you practice in off season?

During Football season and the winter I usually practice once or twice a week with my team, but during that time I’m always in my backyard shooting if there is no snow or playing wall ball in my basement.

What does lacrosse mean to you?

Lacrosse means so much to me. It is more than just a sport, it is a lifestyle. Without lacrosse I believe I would be a completely different person.

If you could ask one person (within lacrosse, or not) one question, who would it be, and what would you ask them?

I would ask Franco Harris if the ball hit the ground!