Not Quite Old School: Wesleyan 2005


Digging through a stack of old CDs, I happened across a batch of photos from Wesleyan’s breakout 2005 season, where the program made the NCAAs for the first time ever. It’s not exactly Old School, but it’s not really new school either. It’s that murky in-between period.

The team went 13-6, beating Amherst (twice), Tufts (twice), WNEC, Ithaca, and Springfield, with three of their losses coming at the hands of then #3 Middlebury, the last by the score of 11-8 in the NCAA Quarterfinals.

Here are some throwback photos from the good old days… only eight years ago:

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  1. Very cool to look back into the “murky” period between being old school and the wild new technology that exists today. Having played college ball between 2003-2007 I can relate. What for you defines “old school”? Where is the cut off?

    • I’d say right around 1998 personally.  I would never consider that truly old school, but that’s right around when the Cascade helmet and Brine Edge (and other offset heads) really started to take off.  Before that, it was a simpler time…