Photo Of The Weekend: What Is Gravity?


Tommy Gilligan snapped a ton of great photos from the Cornell – Ohio State game, as well as the Syracuse – Yale thriller. But these two shots in particular, from the Cuse – Yale game, stood out, even if Yale got the better of the action here, while the Orange came out victorious.

The first photo just looks fake it’s so cool. No photoshop whatsoever though. Well done Tommy!

150518_NCAA Lacrosse_Syracuse vs Yale

Just to show you what happens next…

150518_NCAA Lacrosse_Syracuse vs Yale

That’s a pretty amazing shot too. Well done Tommy… AGAIN! Guy is absolutely killing it right now. Newton, Massachusetts’ finest!

We’d like to apologize to Hakeem Lecky for posting this. We know, you guys won the game, and that is where the focus should be… but this is too good a set of photos not to publish. Use it as motivation for your next game. Ok, now we have to apologize to Denver. It’s not like Cuse needs extra motivation here.