Post-Thanksgiving Grab Bag With GMODT



After coming in and out of consciousness  all weekend from a tryptophan induced coma, I’m back today to throw some stuff at this digital wall and see what sticks. Having said that…here is your regular Monday dose of GMODT!

We’ll start with Carl Sagan auto-tuned.  That’s right, someone remixed Sagan’s old show “Cosmos” into a trippy, auto-tuned enhanced lecture on the nature of the universe. He even gets an assist from Stephen Hawking. This video is one T-Pain cameo away from being the best thing on YouTube.

I know it’s a classic and all, but I just discovered Nas‘s “Illmatic”. The production on the album is awesome, my favorite being DJ Premier ‘s “Memory Lane”:

(Some NSFW language)

Radiohead maybe known these days for experimental music and giving away their albums for free, but when they want too they can still write some awesome Brit-pop. This is a b-side from Radiohead‘s 2003 album “Hail To The Thief” and it sounds like the song Coldplay is always trying to write but just can’t quite pull off.

Listen to this on a Sunday morning to “take the edge off”.

Curb Your Enthusiasm came to an end last week and the Seinfeld “reunion” episode  finally saw the light of day. It was the closet thing to a new Seinfeld were ever going to get and even as a seven minute faux-episode, it was still better than the finale (sorry Larry).

The entire finale was worth watching for Jerry and George’s conversation about strangers alone (strangers give the rest of us a bad rap). Would an eighth season of Curb be the best one of the series if it just featured Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld hanging out and bantering back and forth?

Deadspin/NY Mag writer Will Leitch wrote about Seinfeld:

“…seeing him back with Larry made one sense he had returned to familiar, comfortable terrain, with his old pal, just trying to be funny again. These are two lifelong friends who, when they work together, are wholly at ease and consistently uproarious”.

Basically just like you’re friends when you hang out, except actually funny and multi-millionaires. Jerry, step away from the kid movies and start complaining to Larry David again. For the good of television!

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