Practice makes perfect in Kingston, MA


Check out some video of a youth pre-season practice in Kingston, Massachusetts. It may be cold outside but these guys are still improving their game.  Someday they’ll be in the big leagues but now they represent the future of the game. Today, grade school; Tomorrow, NCAA!

“Remember guys…Push, Pull when you make that pass”

They start getting together as far back as November and keep practicing until the season begins in the spring. Every Monday night, they meet at the Kingston Elementary School to learn all they can before the season starts.  With a little hard work, any one of these kids could be the next Kyle Harrison or even the next Garry Gait. This year-round dedication by both players and coaches should be an example for anyone trying to give back to the game.

  U-12’s passing to the “box”:

Watch the guys work on their passing and catching. This drill is all about teaching the player to throw to the “box” area. Located next to either side of the head, the kids are taught to bring back the stick and watch it go into the pocket. Their Coach is stressing to give it a safe landing and then keep their head up for the open pass or shot. It’s all about fundamentals in these practices.