Reader Poll: Which Seed Will Win the D1 Championship?


With it being the last week of the NCAA D1 Tournament, we want to see who you think has the best chance to win the NCAA D1 Tournament. By week’s end, we will know who each and every tournament champion and at-large bid for the upcoming tournament. Can’t wait!

Lehigh is already flying a top the Patriot League and secured the first bid into the tournament, and North Carolina will surely receive an at-large bid with their ACC Championship this past weekend, but who will fill out the rest of the bracket? We will find out soon!

Photo by Tommy Gilligan

Before we find out the full seedings though, which conference do you think will win the NCAA D1 Championship this year? Or will an at-large seed take the title?

Reader Poll: Winning Conference


  1. I have been a maryland fan in every sport since I was born. But I am finding it hard to cheer for them now with all the changes the school been doing these past few years. I cheering for Syracuse or Princeton if they get in. Always loved SU in lax because of Joel White and Sid Smith