Required Reading – “Travis Solomon: His Stick Was The Measure Of The Man”


The level of play in upstate New York is insanely high, and apparently the writing skills are just as outstanding.  Take some time to read this recent article in The Post-Standard which goes into detail about the life long passion that one man had for the game.

“The sunlight was brilliant Tuesday at Akwesasne (Akwa-SAHS-nee), the Mohawk territory bordering the St. Lawrence River. Debbie Solomon wore no jacket as she said goodbye to old friends outside an American Legion post. The crowd was leaving a community luncheon that followed a longhouse funeral for her husband, Travis Solomon, a famed lacrosse goalie schooled in the lore of wooden sticks.”


The culture and rich tradition of lacrosse is present in the life of Travis Solomon and makes for an inspirational read.

Handmade lacrosse stick by Alf Jacques

Connor Wilson’s recent article calling for a celebration of the roots of the game at the pro level said it all. We need a greater focus on the tradition of the game and not necessarily on 111 mph shots and chrome equipment.

This quote by Alf Jacques really sums up the traditional mindset for me and speaks to the greater meaning behind the game we all love:

“The stick you take with you is one you’ve used in life.”

Words to live by.