Saturday Lax Link-O-Rama


syracuse rings

It is Saturday and as usual, a lot has been going on during the past week in the wonderful world of sweet, sweet lax.  Let’s dive right in and get caught up!

Team USA broke up with STX and rebounded with their Ex: Warrior.  The mock up jerseys look pretty good.  I wonder what kind of cleats they will use and what their pads will look like.  My money is on Team USA rocking the new Warrior helmet… even though it looks JUST like a Cascade.

speaking of gear… Albany signed on with Maverik and we got a sneak peak at their new Maybach gloves and they look pretty sweet!  Speaking of Maverik, the University of Vermont also signed on with the upstart lax company and their gear is looking pretty fresh too.

wooden2Maverik wasn’t the only company out there bird-dogging the competition.  STX pulled a BIG new sponsor school as they lured UNC away from longtime sponsor Brine.  The new K18 gloves are getting mixed reviews appearance wise but I think they look pretty sweet.  Once Billy Bitter puts ’em on, everyone else will agree.  You can also get a look at UNC’s new BLACK and Carolina Blue helmets in this post on 412lax about half of the way down the page.  Okay the helmets might be Navy… you can’t really tell from the photo but UNC is clearly using alot more Navy this year as you can see in their practice pinneys.  As usual, UNC is looking fresh.  Speaking of fresh, what do you think of these cleats?  Interesting to say the very least!

Cuse is… looking like Cuse!  You can see some pictures from one of their first practices here.  The freshman and transfers need new helmets stat.  I THOUGHT ‘CUSE WAS A PROGRAM!  oh wait, they are a great program and I think that this pretty much proves it.

Now to the coaching carousel news tip:

Harvard got a new assisstant coach.  And Matt Poskay joined the staff at Drew down in the Dirty JerZ.  Div 1 Siena College also added a new assistant in Derek Pedrick.  Oregon has their old coach, Joe Kerwin, back patrolling the sidelines and he seems ready to take the program to the next level after some time at NCAA Div 2 NDNU.  Arizona is also welcoming a coaching alum back as Mickey-Miles Felton is taking over the program for the second time.  With MMF back at the helm, I’m sure the Laxcats expect great things in the very near future.  UMD has a new assistant in Sean Pearce.  I think I may have even covered Pearce back when Wesleyan and Clarkson did battle in Florida.  This is a great hire for Minnesota Duluth.  Tennesse also picked up some new assistants and one of them was a college teammate of mine in Mike Vitulano.  Way to go Vit!  Make the Cardianls of Wesleyan proud through your work with the Vols and continue with your living legend behind the back status.

Speaking of living legends… InsideLacrosse is trying to get fans to vote for the best at each position over the past decade.  I like the effort but the execution is really sloppy.  With Ian Dingman flying high as the number two behind Mikey Powell and IN FRONT of JGJr I don’t think this poll is even close to reality.  But you should still go and vote… or at least check out the results.  If nothing else it is good for a chuckle.

Steve Panarelli and Sean Lindsay weren’t included and they let their feelings be known via Twitter.  IL has created some fake personality called Man!Ball! to talk smack on Twitter and it seems to be paying off for them… at least in the short term.  I always like knowing who I’m actually talking to but maybe that’s just me.

While we’re on the topic of Twitter… LAS posted an article highlighting the pro laxers on Twitter on Wednesday and then IL posted a VERY similar story on Friday.  IL’s post certainly couldn’t have taken more than 15 minutes to create so this creates the potential for some bird-dogging but I’m willing to give the benefit of the doubt here… for now.

Could we have the first Twitter war in the lax world?  Who knows… but Twitter certainly brings things to light quickly and people get heated quick.  Ah, the internet: how much I love you.

Enjoy your Saturday.