Sean McGonigle Lacrosse Syracuse Adrenaline lax

Sean McGonigle Keeps On Truckin': Go Pro Lax!

1 - Published June 20, 2011 by in High School

Sean McGonigle travels all over the country (and the world actually) doing cool stuff, promoting the sport of lacrosse, interacting with as many people as possible, and somehow, videotaping a LOT of action.  So far, Sean has been up to Cuse for a little homecoming and he’s gone to super big college events.  Now he’s in California checking out the Adrenaline All American Go Pro Lacrosse action and along with some pretty tasty tunes, there’s also a ton of first person helmet cam footage.

After I get a GREAT video camera (to replace my flipcam) I’m also going to invest in a helmet cam.  The technology has improved very quickly, prices are still dropping, and after watching Sean’s effort, I think I know just how to use the camera angle.  Lots of cuts in and out, splice in some regular footage, keep it personal and relatable and have fun.  I can do all that.

Great work by Sean and here’s to hoping for more entertaining Summer videos!  I love the helmet cam almost as much as I love Chazz Woodson’s Grow The Game Video!!!!!  Maybe Sean will try that next!

Sean McGonigle Lacrosse Syracuse Adrenaline lax

This guy is destined for greatness!

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