Show LAS Your Old School: Chris Massey’s Gear

Chris Massey Lacrosse box Princeton Arizona Carson Parmalee NYC ULax
Chris Massey (#6) played box with us in NYC as well.

In last week’s Old School we asked, “What Defines Old School Lacrosse Gear?” and it was a question long overdue.  We got a good amount of answers, and I was totally convinced that Warhawk Lacrosse’s definition was as good as it was going to get:

old school lacrosse definition
Seems pretty solid.

But after heading to the Brooklyn Brawl, and hanging out with Chris Massey for a while, I’m not so sure anymore.  If you don’t know who Massey is you should probably head to the penalty box and feel shame for 2 minutes.  (Seriously.  He’s a legend of the game.  He was part of the Hess-Hubbard-Massey trifecta of offensive dominance when he played at Princeton.  He was a 3 time National Champion, 3 time All-American and 4 time Ivy League Champion for the Tigers.  He played in the MLL for 7 years before retiring to focus on a law career.  He won the Steinfeld Cup in 2003 with Long Island.  He was a 2x AA in HS and won a state championship with Garden City. Oh, and he also happens to be a great guy. LAX LEGEND.)

Chris Massey Lacrosse box Princeton Arizona Carson Parmalee NYC ULax
Chris Massey (#6) played box with us in NYC as well.

The first thing I noticed about Chris’ gear (video below) was the traditional string job.  It was very nicely done, and it looked similar to something you could have seen decades ago, minus the hockey lace shooting strings, of course.  And then I saw it was on a Razer, which is decidedly post-Edge technology.  But the Razer isn’t as pinched as I remember it.  In fact, it’s looked pretty darn wide.  Even Old School, one might say.

And the gloves?  Oh man, the gloves!  First run “MLL” gloves by Warrior.  Just a pair of Navy and Grey RPMs (I think) with the MLL logo on the cuff.  Were these from the first ever MLL road show games?  I should have asked that question.  Next time.  So sure, they are clearly modern gloves, but for some reason, they have a bit of an OS appeal.

So as we move forward, will the definition of Old School change?  Is this stuff Old School now?  Or will it be Old School in 10 more years?  Or will it never truly be Old School?  Just keep in mind, when everyone was using a SAM, woodies were the only OS thing out there.  But now a SAM is OS.  Makes me believe this is a floating definition!!!!


  1. What happen to his L-35’s from Princeton?  He’s a sell out.  

    Seriously, he must have gotten tons of gear from his pro playing days, it’s pretty cool that choses to use the old stuff.  Did he cut the palms out? 
    A arbitrary cut off doesn’t work for me, there has to be some sort of sliding scale.  
    Does the fact that Massey has personally been using these gloves for 10 years make them old school, whereas if I picked up a pair on eBay they wouldn’t be?  Does the traditional pocket make the razor more old school then it would with a mesh pocket?  
    Does the popularity of the gear when it was new factor in?  Or that it was the original of new versions?    

    Maybe we should treat this like cars; antique, classic, vintage.  A Sam is more old school than an edge, but that doesn’t mean the Edge isn’t old school.