Show LAS Your Old School: Going Home With Paul Woody

Paul Woody 1987 Glen Burnie High School lacrosse
Check out that flow!

We’re combining our Going Home Series with our Old School Series this week and visiting Paul Woody of 24SevenLax in Glen Burnie, Maryland.  If you’re looking for the NEWEST gear, check out 412’s Winter Fashion Week.  If you want Old School… Well, Paul is hysterical, so we’ll just let him take it from here:

(Below) is a shot of me in my old high school all-star jersey (circa 1987) taken in my kitchen (circa today).  I was a second team All-County middie for Anne Arundel County powerhouse Glen Burnie High School (our mascot was the Gopher) way back when.  We were 2-12 that year.  I ended my 3 year varsity stint with a combined record of 6-36.  I lettered all 3 years in high school, which was grade only 10-12 back then.

Paul Woody Old School all star lacrosse jersey
Looking good, Woody!

Check out that jersey! Its a full mesh half shirt! I wish I had the shorts that went with the, They were full on… well, they were tight.

I included a photo from my junior year as well.  Dig that Alex P Keaton hair cut and the sly shit-eating grin!  I’m rocking the L35s and an STX Laser-HighWall.  What a fool I was!  Lord knows what Salisbury and Washington College were thinking recruiting me…

Paul Woody 1987 Glen Burnie High School lacrosse
Check out that flow!

Also included a shot of me playing in my annual alumni game from last year. I coached the kid guarding me when he was 10!

-Paul Woody alumni game Glen Burnie High School lacrosse
Woody has still got it!


  1. Ahhhhhh, the good old days.  I remember them very well.  Paul actually started the carze for lacrosse in our community.  I remember looking at him like he had three heads as he always was cradling a lax ball while walking the community.  He practiced daily and damn he became very good at it.

    Paul started my fever to play the fastest game on two feet.  That summer I enrolled in a lacrosse camp at Washington and Lee College.  I came back from the two week camp with a ton of knowledge of the game and a decent high powered crank shot. 
    I also ran with Paul in those golden years of a 6-36 record and acompanied him on the County All Star Game.  Ah the memories.

    Thanks Woody