Show LAS Your Old School!


Lacrosse has been played in North America for over 500 years and according to some, maybe over 1000 years.  The point is that it’s old.  While the 1970s are definitely part of the modern lacrosse experience, it is also considered a pretty darn old school time for most of us because it happened before many were even born.  Time is clearly relative.

To prove my point, LAS is looking for old school lacrosse photos.  We’ll post them on the ol’ internet for all to see.  If possible, we’d even love to get a comparison shot of the team then and the team now.  To start us off we have a team picture from the 1978 New Orleans Lacrosse Club.  The oldest playing member then was in his 30s.  The oldest guy on the team now is 62.  And it’s not even the same guy!  Amazing.  Just to give you a little perspective, here is the NOLC team now:

Not the whole team... but you get the idea.

Anyway, enough of me talking.  Feast your eyes on the facial hair, spoony sticks and underwears that passed for athletic apparel back then.

NOLC rocking old football jerseys? It's possible.