Sir Coyler’s Sonic Garage #31, Plus Win Man-Bro Sunglasses!


Summer’s here and your friends at Radio Zarape are giving away a pair of GlowBro sunglasses to help keep you stylin’ out in the sunshine. Want to win? Listen to the podcast for the super secret instructions.

UPDATE: The winner will be announced next Music Monday. Listen to all the past Radio Zarape shows to bone up on your music knowledge.

More about this week’s featured podcast from Sir Coyler:

“The Sonic Garage and Radio Zarape bring you the first ever CONTEST. That’s right, win a pair of killer sunglasses by Man-Bro Bro-Man to shield your eyes this summer.

All made possible with our big brother website, Lax All Stars. The instructions are hidden in the episode. So you’ll have to carefully maneuver around Little Willie John, Harlan T. Bobo, and the U-Men in order to get the goods.”

Listen to the podcast for a chance to win a pair of GlowBros!

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  1. I love the Keep walk 
    I didn’t like the third song (I couldn’t understand what he said for the 3rd title, but I didn’t like the song that much)
    I want to here Hey Jude- The Beatles in the future
    I LOVED the first song form Keith’s Podcast, the half empty cup one!

    • Excuse me, I meant Kondrat’s radio show. That is the song that I like, about the cup being half full. Sorry that I couldn’t tell you the right titles, I can’t hear with these horrible head phones. 

      • I love Keep Walkin’- The Parting Gifts
        I disliked the rock song that they played after the very weird advertisement, but they didn’t say the name of it!
        I would like to here The Beatles- Hey Jude in a future show
        A song that I liked the most from a previous show was the first song of Kondrat’s show. Again, I couldn’t catch the name because he was talking so quickly, but it sounded like “Board-ruffys- Go” Or something strange like that. 

  2. song i liked: k hole- short zippers
    song i didnt like: the monks- drunkin maria
    song i would like to hear: a cover of the beach boys
    the song from one of the other shows that i like: daft punk- harder better faster stronger. on Kondrat’s S.A.F.T.P.S.F.Y

    • sweet, on the k-holes! they’re rambunctious. new album is out on HoZac Records. sorry ’bout them monks, i love ’em. that is a great idea about a beach boys cover, i will do some research! kondrat knows how to lay beats, i will pass along the good word, thanks dude.

  3. Liked the song by White Mystery, never got the name
    Didnt like Spectra Sonic Sound by Nation of Ulysses
    I would like to hear The Cave by Mumford & Sons
    and from Kondrats podcast episode 13 i really liked The Hardest Button to Button by The White Stripes, cant go wrong with the white stripes

    • that song by white mystery was called “party.” if you look at their pictures on fb or their website, they know how to party, ginger style. nation of ulysses is an outlier inside the garage…i gotta throw them on every now and then to please the d.c. punkers. mumford & sons are great, but they make more frequent appearances on Quiet Time and Kondrat’s show. glad ya dig the guitar assault in that white stripes song.

  4. I loved the cover of Jimi Hendrix’s Foxy Lady by the Digits
    Didn’t enjoy Drunken Maria by the Monks
    You should play some Led Zeppelin Since I’ve been loving you, its a pretty chill song, or the classic Kashmir
    When chilling out to Quiet time with Quasimodo the song Somebody I Used to Know was fantastic, one of my favorite songs now

    • how nasty is the bass in that foxy lady cover? monks are definitely an acquired taste…and i’ll admit their tune in the big lebowski helped me understand their ways. will definitely tap into more of the songs by zep not typically heard on the radio. very cool, i will pass that message along to Q. thank you for listening, man! 

      • Yeah the bass was sick, a total new look for a Hendrix song. The monks seem pretty abstract, haven’t really heard much of that kind of style before but it could be something to get used to, just got to keep an open mind haha. Great episode I could really get into this, especially if  you throw some more led in the mix!

    • The winner will be decided by a combo of creativity and how big of a fan you are of Radio Zarape. Sir Coyler is the final judge but the important thing is that you enjoyed the music! 

      Stay tuned. The winning submission will be announced on the next Music Monday!

          • Don’t mean to be disrespectful, but if the winner was not chosen by whoever is first, a few things could happen. 

            1. ANYONE can look at your answers and how they are formatted, and copy it. They can win without even having to listen to the radio show!

            2. They can copy the answers directly!

            3. All of the fun of doing it is gone.

            If that’s not unfair, I don’t know what is. I love this company, but come on bro!

          • hey brotha, calm down. the only people in consideration are the handful of people who responded following the episode.

          • Alright, sorry. It’s just thisis like the third time that I have gotten excited over winning a LAS contest, only to find that I didn’t win.