Staying Consistently Grateful

Chazz Woodson - Words of Wisdom

Good morning ladies and gentlemen!

“With all this talk about the right attitude and how it can be different depending on the situation, you’re probably wondering “How do I know what the right attitude is for my situation?”

The fist step is to adopt the “universal” right attitudes that you feel can apply to almost any situation. For starters, that means having a positive outlook, an attitude of perseverance and confidence in yourself…. Once you have cultivated them into habits, they instinctively become part of your permanent attitude. – Evan S. Frazier

Practice. In sports there are certain skills and techniques that can only be learned by repetition. If we don’t spend time in the gym or on the field taking shots – with the proper mechanics, and then with the proper mechanics at game speed – we don’t develop as scorers. Our consistently positive outlook and attitude is also a learned and practiced skill. Some people inherently have a positive demeanor, but to be able to approach life daily from a positive vantage point is a skill. As Evan Frazier notes, it must be cultivated into habit. Choose the attitude and the approach to life that you want to have on a daily basis and practice it daily. If you want to be able to let go of things more quickly, then write it down somewhere that you can see it at all times. If you want to be more consistently grateful, then practice giving thanks for all of the little things that you might not normally even feel the need to say thank you for. Little by little these actions, attitudes, and outlooks, become part of the fabric of who you are.

Make it a GREAT day!

Stay blessed