Stick Trick Saturday: The Big Wheel

Stick Trick Saturday: The Big Wheel

Okay defensive players, this is your week to shine.

This week’s trick the Big Wheel is something we have done in the past but with an added twist that makes it a bit more difficult. We are going to be using a D-pole with this trick. I am doing this because a few people thought Ryan Powell’s trick (yes THE Ryan Powell) was too easy. I didn’t see anyone telling him that his trick was too easy or dumb…just me.

So this week we are making things a little more difficult. I have done this trick a bunch in the past with a shorty and it is one of my favorites to just pull out and wow some people. So get yourself a D-pole and try this one out for size.

Patrick Chapala over at POWLAX calls the shortie version the “Pinwheel” which is why this one is obviously the Big Wheel!

If you need some pump up music to get you ready to land this trick I have been shamelessly rocking out to a Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball Remix this week.

No Shame.

Contest Time

As an added bonus we will be doing a giveaway this week for the first person to prove to me that this trick was too easy for you.

  1. Film yourself nailing this trick
  2. Upload it to YouTube
  3. Post the link in the comments underneath this post

Note: Don’t worry about posting the link anywhere else and don’t comment on YouTube to win, comment at the bottom of this post!

The first person to crush this trick will be announced in next week’s Stick Trick Saturday and we will mail you some solid Adrenaline swag.

As always, keep tuning in to improve your stick skills and for a chance to win some sweet gear.


  1. @faithlax26 and @kianswarehouse? send your mailing addresses to and we will take care of it! PS…because it was a little unclear, you both win! Also, we’re bending the rules a little because we know you were using a cut down D-Pole, Mr. Faithlax, but that’s okay since you’re still growing!