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Stick Trick Saturday: One Handed Pinwheel

The people have spoken, well one person at least. I got called out on Instagram to do a One Handed Pinwheel, so I’m bringing the heat in my first fan challenge!

Gear Showcase: Cleatskins Pro


One of the worst things for your cleats is to walk with them on cement or hard ground that isn’t the intended playing surface. The hard ground grinds down your cleats reducing traction when you are on the field and need it most. This in turn shortens the life of your cleats, and your ability to play at full speeds. Luckily, the group at Cleatskins has got you covered!

Stick Trick Saturday: The Deliberation

This week for Stick Trick Saturday, Patrick Chapla and myself had some fun making kids think we just hit their ball really far away. But we didn’t…

Stick Trick Saturday: POWLAX Pitch

Round2 of partner tricks is here. Grab your buddy and try out the POWLAX Pitch for yourself. You might need a helmet for this one towards the end.

Stick Trick Saturday: POWLAX Pass

Stick Trick Saturday POWLAX Pass

This week marks the beginning of a large build up of insane combos and teamwork. I teamed up with POWLAX to go crazy on the stick trick world in Denver Colorado this week.

Sticker Giant Presents: Stick Trick Saturday

The world games in Denver are here upon us and we are beyond excited. Our first stop was the Sticker Giant factory where LAS stickers are produced. I busted out a couple of tricks before we were on our way with 4,000 stickers to hand out in Denver.

Team USA Is Ready For Denver 2014

Team USA lacrosse is ready for Denver 2014

Men’s lacrosse’s Team USA begins it run toward the gold medal this Thursday nights against Canada. By the looks of the guys’ social media accounts, the bounty of photos show they’re ready.

Stick Trick Saturday: The Big Wheel

Stick Trick Saturday: The Big Wheel

This one is for the defenders out there! Everyone needs stick skills and it is about time I showed some love to defense. So grab your pole, be careful not to knock some teeth out and try this one on for size D-poles!

Stick Trick Saturday: The Saucer Pass

Stick Skills Saturday Saucer-pass

Stick Skills Saturday is back with a little something for the box player in you. The boys up North shed some knowledge on me about the saucer pass. I wouldn’t recommend trying this one around any windows, it gets a little reckless.

Stick Trick Saturday: The Black Card

Stick Trick Saturday: The Black Card by Colton Raichl

we had to re-name the Picture Taker, made popular by Ryan Powell, to the Black Card because you never know who will be snapping your pic and you always gotta look sharp.