Stick Trick Saturday: The Thompson Toss


I would be willing to say without a doubt that the Thompson trio from Albany has the best stick skills in the game.

Unfortunately they haven’t been on ESPNU or ESPN3 a lot lately. So you would have to get your Thompson highlights from YouTube.

Ty Thompson put up this ridiculous one handed, behind the back, underhanded, top shelf goal when Albany played Siena.

I can’t lie, I immediately went out to the practice field and practiced this shot to pull out in summer league this year.

You need some insane stick skills to pull off that shot in a game!

Since that shot was so impressive this week’s trick is just trying to honor it:

Give the Ty Thompson Toss a try!

Think you can one up me? Let’s see what you got! Send in your homemade stick trick videos for a chance to be featured on next week’s Stick Trick Saturday!

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