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A three minute highlight tape is better than nothing. Everyone gets to see some big goals and their attention span is not tested to any serious degree. When an 11:00 minute plus highlight comes out, it had better be good, and it had better feature two very good teams.

Thankfully, we found one such video online, and it features the #2 and #3 high school teams in the country, in Culver Academy (Indiana) and the McDonogh School (Maryland):

The longer highlights are really nice because you get to see non-scoring plays, and how scoring plays actually develop. It’s not just goals on goals on goals, which can get boring. It’s not a FULL GAME, but it’s pretty close, and gives you about as solid a synopsis as is possible in only 11 minutes!

Here are some plays to watch for in the video:

:52 seconds in, McDonogh moves the ball really well on man up to score their first goal. Culver is up 2-1 at this point. Big body longstick starts a fast break right after to tie it up at 2 goals apiece.

At the 1:15 mark we get to hear some excellent parental coaching from the sidelines. Even in Maryland! You tell ’em, Dad!

3:10 mark Culver goes crossbar down. Straight heat from about 8 yards.

3:48 mark – is it just me or do the same guys keep scoring for Culver? If you got it, flaunt it.

At the 4:30 mark McDonogh’s Bobby Austin scores while falling down. It’s impressive!

At the 6:00 mark, McDonogh pulls off a confusing little hidden ball trick. I like it.

Only 15 seconds later (6:15 mark), Culver creates transition through movement and subbing, and gets a sweet goal.

At the 6:50 mark I was hoping to hear “Right down Charles Street!” or something like that from a fan. Oh well.

8:00 mark – McDonogh ties it up at 8. Culver wins the next face off, and now a new parent is telling the refs the Culver player is “going early”. Thanks parents! Culver’s Pierre Byrne scores on the possession to put Culver back up by 1.

9:00 mark – BTB goal for Culver. Makes it look easy. Culver up 11-8. That one gets a slow-mo replay. McDonogh keeper then makes 3 big saves to stave off another goal.

At the 11:00 mark Culver goes up 13-8 on a low to low long distance blast. Great shot. McDonogh gets one more to make it 13-9 and we’re final. What a game of high school lacrosse!

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