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Who Does It Better?

Who Does It Better? The Sports Flicks

1 - Published February 28, 2013 by in General

In today’s match-up, we pit a classic family sports movie against our very own lacrosse hit – The Mighty Ducks vs. Crooked Arrows.

crooked arrows lacrosse gloves reebok

Crooked Arrows Reebok 10K Glove Giveaway!

0 - Published June 1, 2012 by in Gear, The Life

Crooked Arrows hits theaters nationwide today. To celebrate, we’re giving away a free pair Crooked Arrows Reebok 10K lacrosse gloves! Check it out.

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The Soul Of Crooked Arrows: Neal Powless

1 - Published May 23, 2012 by in Interviews, The Life

Connor Wilson sits down with Neal Powless to talk about the Native American aspect to Crooked Arrows. This film is getting great reviews and it’s clearly something different… Neal shows us what that is.

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Crooked Arrows Caption Contest!

55 - Published May 18, 2012 by in The Life

Crooked Arrows has supplied us with a killer photo and if you supply us with the best caption, we’ll supply YOU with Reebok 6K lacrosse gloves. Comment on this great lax photo post to win!

crooked arrows lacrosse movie fan jersey

Crooked Arrows: How Lacrosse Hit The Big Screen

75 - Published May 8, 2012 by in Interviews, The Life

An interview with the producers of Crooked Arrows. Find out why they made the movie and what they hope it will accomplish for our sport! Plus, WIN A WOODGRAIN SHAFT from the Crooked Arrows set!


Hot Pot Of Lax: Crooked Arrows Is Lacrosse’s Mighty Ducks

4 - Published January 18, 2012 by in Club, Hot Pot, The Life

We’ve all seen the trailer for Crooked Arrows by now and it DEFINITELY looks like a lacrosse version the Mighty Ducks movie from 1992. Bombay is Joe Money, Finkel is Einhorn! But don’t judge harshly, because being like the Mighty Ducks is a GOOD thing!

Crooked Arrows lacrosse chewy

Pop Culture Lacrosse References

12 - Published December 19, 2011 by in The Life

Ryan Connors is back on LAS with a post on Pop Culture Lacrosse References. Years ago they were very rare, but recently lacrosse has taken a serious hold in the pop world!

ROCKY-4 training in russia sled paulie

Hot Pot Of Lax: Making The Most Of Winter

1 - Published December 14, 2011 by in Hot Pot, Training

This week’s Hot Pot is all about getting after it during the winter months. Sun, snow, rain and power outages… there are no excuses! Plus all the news, links and sweet lax video you need to start off the day.

Adam Sandler water boy sports movies

Hot Pot Of Lax: A Tale Of Two Lacrosse Movies

6 - Published December 7, 2011 by in Hot Pot

In today’s Hot Pot we talk about HS lax movies! As if that wasn’t enough, we also have some awesome Petro/IMLCA video from 412 and all the news and links you need to get your Wednesday off to a great start!

crooked-arrows- movie filming lacrosse lax

Crooked Arrows Lacrosse Movie Actually Looks Pretty Legit

4 - Published September 27, 2011 by in The Life

The Crooked Arrows lacrosse movie is closer to being released! And snippets are starting to emerge that show what the movie will be like. Exciting stuff in the lax world! Lax on the big screen again!

LaxCats training camp

Hot Pot Of Lax: Training Camp With The Arizona LaxCats

2 - Published January 18, 2011 by in Hot Pot, MCLA

Video of the Arizona LaxCats’ recent training session. This MCLA team is training hard, do any NCAA lacrosse teams use kettlebells? Plus plenty of lax links to check out while you’re drinking your morning coffee.

Daily Cheese: Max Seibald Talks Music With The Wild Honey Pie

1 - Published March 16, 2010 by in Interviews

Video interview from with Max Seibald about music. Plus news and notes as always.

LXM Pro: A Spectator’s Perspective

3 - Published February 2, 2010 by in LXM PRO, Pro Lacrosse

Our new SoCal correspondent takes a look back at the LXM Pro event from the stands. Plus a quality re-cap video of the event.