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FIL Rules Vs NCAA: Get On The Same Page

0 - Published August 22, 2013 by in College, International

Editor’s Note: Kacy Small saw both the NCAA rules and FIL rules firsthand this year. After reflecting on his experience, he’s sure one of them is doing it right, while the other has some potential areas for improvement. Can you guess which version of lacrosse Kacy prefers before reading the article? And what do you […]

2013 Legal Heads

A Solution to the Stick Dilemma

32 - Published March 1, 2013 by in College, High School, Mesh, Stringing

With new rules being put in place to regulate the length of shooters, how far down they can be, and if the ball will roll out, I think it’s time we take a look at the bigger issue – the stick itself.

Butt Ends, Shafts, And Tape: 2013 Rules Update

11 - Published February 7, 2013 by in College, NCAA

Still confused about the 2013 stick rules? CW did some research, and got the inside scoop on how all of the new changes were being handled and addressed. Now you know…


Top 12 Most Discussed Stories of 2012

1 - Published January 1, 2013 by in Club, College, Gear, Pro Lacrosse

There has been some great conversation so far this year. See what interested the LAS Nation the most in 2012!


Top 12 Most Viewed Stories of 2012

0 - Published December 31, 2012 by in College, Gear, Grow The Game, Pro Lacrosse, Site News

Check out our TWELVE most popular posts of 2012, as viewed by you. More importantly than the articles themselves, this tells us what people are most intrigued by within the lacrosse world.

Syracuse Vs. Duke Lacrosse - Big City Classic

The 2013 Rule Changes… All In One Place

11 - Published September 25, 2012 by in College, NCAA, Stringing, Stringing Rules

The 2013 Rule Changes seem to be crystalizing and coming into their final form. Connor Wilson compiles all of the updated rules into one post, in one place.

new stringing rule 2013 diagram

Pocket Rule Change Update: Shooting Strings For 2013

10 - Published August 25, 2012 by in College, Gear, NCAA

Justin Skaggs, of StylinStrings, took some initiative and got Jon Hind of the NCAA Rules Committee on the phone to talk about the proposed 2013 stick stringing rules. Their conversation may just shock you!

Syracuse Vs. Duke Lacrosse - Big City Classic

Questionable Calls: New NCAA Lacrosse Rule Proposals

1 - Published August 21, 2012 by in College, NCAA

People are up in arms with the NCAA’s new rule proposals. Ryan Connors couldn’t sit idly by anymore, and had to weigh in. Unlike Connor, Ryan is not a huge fan of the new rules!

college lacrosse 2013 rule changes

NCAA Rules Committee Recommends Shocking Changes

98 - Published August 3, 2012 by in College, NCAA

The NCAA Rules Committee has recommended some SERIOUS rules changes for 2013. Sideline horns, face off changes, pocket changes, shot clocks, stall warning and SO MUCH MORE! Connor breaks it down.

Syracuse vs. Army men's lacrosse 16

UPDATED: Ryan Powell – Play Fast, Shot Clock Please!

24 - Published March 13, 2012 by in College, NCAA

Connor Wilson asked for someone to tell him the recent Cuse-Hop game was boring. Ryan Powell is here to answer the challenge! Plus he’s got some other thoughts on changes college lacrosse could use. Now this is a debate worth having! So what do YOU think?

Lacrosse player touches pocket after goal

Hot Pot Of Lax: Lacrosse Players Touching Pockets

9 - Published May 25, 2011 by in College, High School, Hot Pot, International

This week we take a look at the first round of MCLA Tournament Games in Denver, and how a couple upsets can break a bracket quickly! Plus we’ve got the Lacrosse Video of the Week and ALL the links worth reading!