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Casey Powell on NCAA lacrosse rule changes
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NCAA Lacrosse Rule Changes

When Gary Gait recently visited me in Sarasota, we talked about a few new rules of the game. NCAA lacrosse rule changes seem to happen all the time.

We like the shot clock, but I personally don’t like its subjectivity. A NCAA lacrosse coach who is behind in a game should not have to grovel to a referee “Hey, Referee Dave, can I get the shot clock before I have to go shave again?” How about – when the ball crosses into the box, you have a certain time to get a shot off or you hand over a possession. Is that too harsh? I don’t think it is.

We spoke about the crease dive, which is really just varying designs of “Air Gait” flattery and we think it should be made legal again!

We think the defense should be given free rein to block it with any legal body check they can apply. It will add to the intensity of the game, but also create more options for the offensive player to choose from. If college teams keep bringing the D like Maryland brought it to Ohio State – the offense is going to need every weapon it can get in its arsenal, but I’ll get to the new champs in a minute.

When Gary Gait and I discuss what the game has in store, we see nothing but a continuation of the ferocious growth the game has seen in the last 20 years. That probably means even more NCAA lacrosse rule changes.

From the equipment to the scale of the NCAA programs and professional leagues, you are about to see massive growth. There will be more players, more opportunity, and more lifers in the game which will do wonders to expand its reach. How do you think a team like Ohio State makes it to the NCAA finals less than 20 years after their first NCAA campaign?

I’d like to congratulate the 2017 NCAA Champion Maryland Terrapins, their Coach John “JT” Tillman, and their Tewaaraton Award Winner Matt Rambo who manages to play even bigger than his reputation.

I’d like to congratulate their defense, for playing the most smothering, show-stopping defense I have seen a NCAA team play since Dave Pietramala and John DeTommaso stood side by side in Hopkins Blue Jay uniforms. It wasn’t just the Maryland D’, led by defensive player of the year and First Team All-American, Timmy Muller. It was their face-off team, led by CPWLF Board Member Chris Mattes, their defensive midfielders, and their goalie, junior Dan Morris. If I were running a defense, I would start watching the final game film and studying the one-on-one breakdowns and slide packages of the 2017 Maryland Terps.

What are your thoughts on NCAA lacrosse rule changes?


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