Tahoe Lacrosse Tournament, Day 2 & 3


Well, Tahoe is over.  The Woozles have now spread back across the country to their various locales, counting down the 361 days until we get to do it all over again.  For some it took a full day of travel in each direction, but for all it was well worth the trip.  Guys hitched rides with strangers, drove down (or up) at the last minute, took red-eyes and shuttles while others arrived 4 days early to make sure everything was set.  From the play on the field to the entire weekend of fun, it was truly a team effort.

We’ll be dropping more posts on you with game photos and results (this was the Woozles most competitive finish yet) but for now we’ve got a photo gallery to get you synced up with the Tahoe Tourney vibe.

What time is it? Game time. Probably.
When getting back to Nature, always make sure you rent a car with sweet rims. Top Priority.
Guess what sport this guy plays? Yeti tore up the f/o square all weekend.

So you’ve started to get the feel for our team. Good. Obviously we needed audacious uniforms to match our bright and sunny dispositions. ProAthletics really hooked us up with some brilliant jerseys and they modified our Lax All Stars shorts to reflect the black and pink colorways of the Woozles.  Smashing Success.

Yeah, these uniforms are kind of preposterous.
Joe is pretty happy that LAS decided to sponsor the benches.
Craven gives the team mascot, Bear, a little pre-game attention. Bear loves lax.
Rainier/Kavu was looking pretty uniform wise but were upset in the group stage.

Lake Tahoe is a natural, national treasure. Truly breathtaking.
Pretty pristine (minus the motorboats) scene. Mountains, mountains everywhere.
The clouds rolled in later in the afternoon on Saturday and we were treated to a lightning show across the lake.
Obligatory partial team beach picture. The white Tahoe tourney tanks were a hot commodity.
Speaking of nature, we also tracked a neighborhood bear that was an actual bear, and not a dog.
In life, as in lacrosse, there are rules. If you pizza when you're supposed to french fry, you're gonna have a bad time.
Bigfoot LC sideline. Super serious sasquatch.
Team Bigfoot in action on Saturday.
Remember the numbers. These NESCAC-alum first timers will be back in 2011.
Team Picture. Maybe we'll photoshop the NESCAC guys in later.

If you played in the Tahoe tourney and would like to send photos or a recap in, hit us up at info@lacrosseallstars.com. We’ll make it happen!


Woozles shorts and killer jerseys made by ProAthletics.

Want to contribute to the LAS Network? Drop us a line at info@lacrosseallstars.com


  1. wow. I am sore as F. My back is now a crisscrossed mass of bruises from the West SunSet guys crosschecking me time and time again. My left elbow is the size and color of an eggplant. yet somehow, I just can't wait to get back there next year. Tahoe is so pretty I might even move there permanently and become a mountain man.