The All New LAS Community Forum!


In our endless effort to help grow the game, we’re excited to announce the all new LAS Community Forum, a place for lacrosse players and fans to come together, learn, inform, and celebrate our passion for the game.

Once you register as an LAS Member (it’s free), you can easily comment on articles published across the LAS Network as well as introduce your own topics of conversation in the Community Forum. Additionally, you can setup your own profile page – think of it as your online identity as a lacrosse fan!

The Basics

LAS Members can ask start new discussions on the fly with a number of categories to choose from, including a General section where pretty much anything goes. Members can also ask questions for the rest of the community.

Based on forum activity, each member gains reputation points and can earn exclusive badges for their participation in the community. In the future, badges will be available from LAS Partners like Rhino Lacrosse and, offering special opportunities and discounts to each recipient.

Your New Profile Page

As an LAS Member, you can quickly create your own custom profile – adding in your Twitter account, Facebook, website, and a few other lacrosse-specific facts. We’ve set this up so you can customize your own lacrosse identity, and all your comments, discussions, and questions are seamlessly aggregated back to your profile page as well.

LAS Community Forums

Our intention is to offer lacrosse enthusiasts a personalized page they will want to use to represent themselves online to the rest of the lacrosse community, so you can certainly expect more profile page enhancements down the road!

Starting Discussions & Asking Questions

Once you’re signed up, participating in the LAS Community Forum is a breeze. You have the ability to start a new discussion, ask a question, or dive into any already established topic of conversation. There a also a number of Categories to choose from when beginning a conversation, all of which are extremely relevant to the greater lacrosse community. (Note: If there’s something you’d like us to add or remove, just let us know!)

A couple of other things we’re really excited about are that members have the ability to upload images to conversations and can easily embed videos from YouTube and Vimeo by simply pasting in a video’s URL.


As we continue to roll out the site, you will undoubtedly begin to see a few other changes and upgrades take place. And hey, you might even receive a sweet badge or two.

We want to make participation in the LAS Community Forum an enjoyable experience for everyone, so you have any special requests, we’d love to hear them! Please drop a comment below.

One thing we’re working on now is the integration of Facebook and Twitter accounts so you can connect them to your profile and easily share your conversations on each social network.

Follow Along with Personalized Notifications

Finally, the LAS Community Forum gives you the ability to personalize the notifications you receive via email. You can opt to receive an alert when someone else comments on a discussion you took part in, or even when a new discussion is started in your favorite Category.


The notification preferences make your experience highly customizable, similar to the way players in the United States prefer their lacrosse gear!

How To Sign Up

It’s simple, click here!


We are thrilled to offer this new community hub to lacrosse players and fans worldwide.

Head on over to the all new Lacrosse Community Forum and let your voice be heard!


  1. I’d definitely love to see a way to mark threads “read” as well. The most important thing for me would be more customization to profiles. If this is supposed to be a community instead of a forum, there needs to be a little more personality added to the pages like custom layouts, more info added to profiles, more pictures, etc. Maybe even a way to follow other members and see when they post something. “Community” that’s what we need to build here.

  2. @scearley, @Rydensaur – Thanks for the feedback! We’ve activated a “Mark All Viewed” button in the top navigation, which you can use in specific categories or on the master Discussion page to mark everything as “read”. Let us know what you think!

    As for the profile pages, we agree and it’s already in our plans!

  3. I’ve noticed that the threads seem to have only a few people posting on a regular basis. Maybe we could get some more general topics added to the forum that aren’t lacrosse related. Maybe some categories that include movies, music, TV shows, video games, books, etc. This way more people can come hang out and participate in the forums. Too much of one thing is never good…and lacrosse is no exception.

  4. Can someone help me? I’m trying to publish a tutorial for the topstring i made up and am hoping to get my company some publicity. Whenever I try to go to the community forums, it just logs me out, and then when i try to sign in, it signs me in and brings me to the regular featured forums with the categories. Is that where im supposed to be???? Someone please help!!!