The Brown Goaltending Tennis Ball Challenge


The best teams use the entire year to get better, but they also make sure to include some time for levity, team building and a little fun! And what better way to get that done than by coming up with some irreverent competitive games between teams at the same school?

Brown Assistant Lacrosse Coach, Kip Turner, takes on Brown Assistant Tennis Coach, Bryan Koniecko, in the Lacrosse/Tennis Challenge last Spring, and we have no idea how we missed this!


Each athlete gets to serve ten Tennis shots from 16 yards on cage, and the other athlete must step in goal and save them. Turner obviously has an advantage when it comes to stopping, but can he hit the cage with a tennis racquet? You’ll just have to watch to find out!

That ball was MOVING! It makes sense, considering Bryan played at Ohio State, and has qualified for the US Open, the Australian Open AND Wimbledon! Can Kip step it up? Round 2! Go!

That was amazing. Bryan can really pound that tennis ball, eh? Makes sense when you remember how good he is! When Kip got more on cage, he did well, but Bryan knocked out a couple of saves too. His stance was unorthodox, but it proved effective enough!

If your team is doing something FUN during this fall ball season, we want to know about it! Send in YOUR team’s stories, photos, and videos to LAS, and if it’s excellent, we’ll get it up online!